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  1. Does anyone know where I can get dies for a Kerrihart 35lb power hammer, thanks
  2. I'm building a 24 ton C frame press, this is the first one I've build has some minor mistakes. Should have got the cylinder closer to the frame. The die plates don't match up the top one is longer than the bottom. Should have it up and running soon.
  3. I'm in Oklahoma, Kerrihart hammer. Thanks for your asnwers.
  4. I have a Kerrihart 35lb power hammer what is the right oil to use in the oil pots.
  5. Jason thanks for the reply. If it is still there by this weekend we're going to go pick it up. The person who has it came down to $2000.00 over the phone. He runs a machine shop it has been rebuilt. Selling it because it belong to his bother, who died right when they finished rebuilding it. He doesn't have a use for it since his bother died..
  6. 5160 steel, length 25in, width 1 3/4in at base, 3in at belly, distal taper 6mm at base tapering to 1mm at point. The pommel is 3in dia forged welded to gather and hollow. Weights in at 3lbs. You can see it has a zero edge.
  7. Doesn't hurt to ask, if you do not want to tell what you think don't answer. It will be use to make small to large knives an a few sword. Yes I can make a sword. Sitting the distal taper by hand is tiring on me now. The sword is a type 1A falchion.
  8. Have a chance to buy a Kerrihead 30lb power hammer, ever heard of this brand is it any good?
  9. What type of control valve is the best for a hydraulic press, 16 ton.
  10. If no one else will comment I will, are you trying to get hurt. I don't want to be anywhere around this thing running.
  11. I have a chance to buy a Atlas model 618 lathe in good condition for $500.00 is this a good price.
  12. Will O1 and 1075 work for pattern welded steel
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