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  1. does any one mind if I ask what a curmudgeon is?
  2. great work i actualy realy likke the balence between rustic and polised that you achieve with your work. also can i ask what WIP stands for?
  3. Hey gus this is one i did by modifying a pair of shears that i picked up at a garrage sale. I havent changed it heat treatmend as it felt realy dood with a file, i think it may have even been differentialy heat treated as the spine is some what softer then the edge. Anyway hope you enjoy, feedback welcome. Nav
  4. very nice, almost has a lord of the rings dwarven feel to it.
  5. ah cool. thanks i will keep this in mind in the future. i will also try and post some pics of the blade when it is cleaned up. cheers. Nav.
  6. thanks. the steel im using is 5160. and staight from the heat treatment there is varyation in the steel, clean steel where the thickest clay was and ruff sort of scale on the edges. thanks again.
  7. Hi guys, i have just heat treated a blade usibg a coating of clay thikest at the spine and was wondering if grinding will affect the hamon lines? any insight to this woulkd be greatly apperciated thanks in advance. Nav.
  8. is that black paint or like a blueing proecess?
  9. has any one considered how this iron monster will stay on the wall. i would not like to be anywhere near it when its hangings decided to drop the 23 odd Kg s
  10. have you got a petrol powered leaf blower ? also i realy like the shape of that sword. only thing i would change would be to chop s little of the tip.
  11. just need to make sure your bevels are very steep, other wise they will bend when they hit the target.
  12. thank you for the kindwords
  13. hi guys just a litle cheese kinfe made from an old stainless steel kitchen knife, handle is made corian (synthetic stone). enjoy
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