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  1. When I want to clean an old cast iron pan I use a battery charger and baking soda/water solution lye works too but I just don't like how nasty it is.
  2. A thick slab of copper would indeed work. I am not assuming this would be an easy task and I am not saying it is not something that couldn't be solved an easier way but it is something that I really want to accomplish. I figure a 100% bond that is flawless is not necessary. I just want to permanently bond a piece of copper to a cast iron pan.
  3. I love cooking on cast iron but heat transfer to the edges of the pan is really poor. Especially on larger pans.
  4. So I have an idea of joining a copper sheet to a cast iron pan using diffusion welding/mokume gane. The purpose would be to help with heat transfer across the pan. I am looking for thoughts, ideas, concerns.... Any input would be greatly appreciated. I doubt this will be a project I tackle any time soon but it is something I am researching. Thanks
  5. Well I started picking away at the spots that were bubbling so I could redo the second coat and then figured it was probably just going to bubble some more. So I just took it outside and fired it up. A bunch more from the second coat bubbled up but seems fine now. First coat held up great. I had every intention of buying some satanite to line it with but then I had some time off unexpectedly and decided to just go with what I could get locally. Thanks for the input I will have more questions before long I am sure.
  6. I have been reading here for a while but this is my first post. I recently made a propane forge from a helium tank. I lined it with 2" of kaowool then did two layers using a refractory morter I bought from my local hardware store. It was red devil rated for 3000 degrees. I put it on over the last several days half a coat at a time (gravity was my enemy.)a couple of times I baked it in the oven at 250 for about an hour. Including after the last coat. It then sat for about 24 hours before I stuck the burner in and tried to fire it up. The burner was only on maybe 15 secs and the lining bubbled really bad. I assume I just didn't let it dry enough. Any thoughts or input? I am going to attach a before and after.