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  1. Makes sense!
  2. Will do. Thanks for the point in the right direction Thomas.
  3. Awesome. What do you recommend as a masking agent?
  4. Top knife was the first, bottom was the second. Ignore the other issues like the liners. Learned a hard lesson there...haha
  5. Sometimes my mind takes flight when it should be sleeping and thus was the case in the wee hours of the morning today. For some reason I got to thinking about damascus (my wife says I always have metal on the brain). Anyway, maybe one of you well-rested, wiser, guys can answer this fore me. Is it possible to get a different degree of etch on the bevel and the flat of a damascus blade by etching with FC or your normal agent, then sanding the bevels and re-etching with something milder like coffee or vinegar? Someone has to have tried it, right? As always thanks in advance!
  6. Just to report back. I used blue painters tape on the spine of the knife and it worked great. Most of the tape peeled off and the rest was easily cleaned up by hitting it with acetone and then 1500 grit.
  7. Hahaha! Thanks! I have some. Didn't think to try it but will be worth a shot.
  8. Thanks for confirming.
  9. How would you do something like this on a full tang knife? Epoxy the material together before attaching to the knife? Thanks,
  10. Yes. A respiratory and ventilation is definitely in order!
  11. No doubt. Much appreciated
  12. Got it. I read "lapped or buffed". Need my glasses! they are lapped belts.
  13. I can use them for slack grinding. In need to build a contact wheel attachment too. I think that would do ok. I don't know if they're lapped or buffed. How can you tell?
  14. Not sure if this is the place for this post or not. Im having an issue with a couple of belts I just got in. They make a rhythmic chatter when I'm grinding on the platen. I was able to turn my grinder down with one of them to minimize it. The other I just had to toss out because they were putting marks in the blade. I suspect "throw them out" and buy better belts is the advice I will get here as other belts don't chatter at all. Safe to assume it is the seam in the belts and is there anything I can attach to the platen to minimize the chatter? Im going to buy better belts but I bought ten of the 40 grit, which is what I'm getting chatter on. Two so far. I'd like to use them but if they have to go I'll just chalk it up to getting what you pay for. As always, many thanks for sharing the advice and wisdom of experience!
  15. Good advice. Thanks. I'm glad you said that about the gel. I had been thinking of trying it out. To read your explanation answers the questions I had.