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  1. You could set it up as a regular anvil and use it for all your hot cut work so you dont hurt your chisels or good anvil
  2. If money is no problem h13 for hot work chisels punches and hardies s7 for hammers and punches Salvaged material you simply need to make a test tool and see if it is sutible as you really have no clue what you have i hear suckerrod is good for most tooling this is by no meanes a compleate list just a atarting point du
  3. I am a fan of norton belts if you hold out and buy ceramic belts you will find they last long enough and the increased speed of cutting make them cheaper in the long run https://trugrit.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=198_1_145_157&zenid=48df471984ceca993a05dc8478944a2e This company has good prices and service they also have price breaks for bulk orders starting at 10+ belts du
  4. I live in charlotte mi i purchased my last 6” vice from a guy in gr for 75 $ in working order i would say 75-150$ if they know what they have and less if the seller is not into tools or it be broken du
  5. From what you say you diffretially heat treated the blade when you quenched the edge only before cooling the whole knife if this is true then the spine of the blade should be soft while the edge is hard du
  6. Jhcc They are perfectly safe if used and matained correctley. And very useful when you need localised heat quick. writing off the use of a tool because it is dangerous if used improperly pretty much excludes you from this hoby as all our tools will hurt you if you do not understand and mittigate the risks. du
  7. Heck acetalene under pressure in a tank without oxygen is a shock sensitive explosive. That is why acetalene tanks have the pumice and acitone in them to stabilize it for transport. Which is also why we dont tip tanks for transport or draw too much volume too fast from a acetalyne tank putting both in the same bottle under pressure is suicide. I hope he did not manage any sales before he went boom du
  8. I have had my rigid 275# for 10 years and love it depending on where you are it might save you cash on shipping to special order through homedepot as you will be able to pick it up at the store for the sale price good luck
  9. Seeing as you are forging a (drop forged wrench) you have a piece of unknown tool steel most tool steel alloys have spacific tempature ranges they need to be forged at or they may crack, suffer from excess grain growth ...... wothout knowing the alloy involved it is hard to say if you worked it too hot or too cold. Hammering scale into the surface makes it ugly but dosent usally lead to cracking( but it could in theroy) if you are a beginner and you really want to make a knife i would suggest working with a source of known toolsteel. 10xx sieries is more forgiving than most as is 5160 small bars of both can be found realatively cheap. du
  10. I am with jim on this one it is possible to acomplish what you say but if you factor in your time and costs it would be better spent making something to sell to raise the funds you need for the new anvil
  11. If you are far enough out of town to have a retort and not anger all the neibors with the smoke you can also build a old fasiond charcoal mound Craigslist is where i find barrels when i meed them usually for 10-20$ each
  12. DuEulear


    Once again beautiful.
  13. When i was yonger i trapped coon in michigan for furs and food the first coon i trapped was a 42 lb female after 1/2 a mile dragging her out i thought i was deer hunting