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  1. Look like hammer tongs to me
  2. I know it is a bit overboard but i don’t allways have a striker when i wish i did . I happend upon another 6” leg vise for dirt cheap so i set this one so it is about 1” taller than my anvil. Susan
  3. Awesome piece of home hoby macheneing pretty cool what can be done with just files and time ( no fault using the power file ) good work susan
  4. Hey all just felt like showing the shelf i added to my pedistal mounted burr king. Kinda needed a place to set tools and knives while working. Better yet it seemes to be just about the right weight to counterbalance the grinder on the pedistal mount. Which cancels out the occational vibration the grinder has that causes the pedistal to wiggle back and forth.
  5. Np potato , just remember perfect practice makes perfect stuff lol my terrible work is no better .... Amen to that jhcc one 1/4x1x36 “ bar is at least 4 knives depending on size it might be ten pick an alloy of medium price, maybe 30$ Susan
  6. DuEulear

    Hide mallet

    Ive got one just like it at a barn sale for 5 i think i use it anywhere i need a dead blow works great. If you ever want rawhide for cheap just buy a rawhide dog chew and soak it so you can un tie it. Then you can unroll it flatten it out and use it for well.... rawhide . Make what you like lol susan
  7. Thanks for the info on RR steel no i cant give doc on that one that is why i gave it a big i think. I was quoting someone from memory Sue
  8. Ok i am gonna try to give you a few pointers if you want to make a knife from a railroad spike it can be done just fine the hc ones are 1045-1060 i think it will hold an edge but not for long. Heat treating a knife while there is still major cleanup and stock removal to be done is counter productive especially as you are using a file to do most of your stock removal. It will cut aneled steel better than hardend. The main diffrence between a master knife maker with all the toys and a hobbyist with a 50$ shop is the speed with which you can produce a quality product . I forged and cut my first blade with a file just so i would know how . Your first knife looks as if you were rushing at every step. And preforming steps out of sequence and ommiting some entirely. Slow down, do some reading , take your time if your first knife takes 80 hrs to make a beautiful hunting blade that will last a lifetime and you had fun making it the whole time, then you are ahead of the game. If you want to make money at it then buy the toys so you can do the same quick. But slow down for now the fun is in the learning susan
  9. Just the cutting ability of white steel without the price. It is somewhat hard to come by round here all though there seems to be a guy selling it on ebay lately. and a funny thought experiment du
  10. Hey i had a thought the other day snd wondered if anybody has ever tried this ? My crazy idea was to start with 1095 stock and seal it up in a box with charcoal as a carbon donner. Then case harden it to attempt to acheve the carbon content of white paper steel 1.1-1.4% Anyone think this might work? just a crazy thought du
  11. Its in the steel rack waiting for me to finish Lol
  12. So 8 years ago i started this dagger and i never finished it all that was left was to put the handle on and polish it up. Finally got around to it this weekend. the blade is hand forged L-6, 1018 cross guard and kingswood handle with a copper pommel. The edges are cannel ground and sharp enough to slice paper with effort. Good and durable for a stabbing implement.
  13. Templehound another beautiful piece, i hope this is a compliment on your fine work. I read the title and clicked without looking at who posted this . With just the first picture i said in my head “ thats templehound” congratz another georgeous blade du
  14. Tis true they are very easy to make quickly. I am lazy about wood work as my shop is in my attatched garage at the moment so i don’ have a good place for my woodworking kit as sawdust buildup in my metalshop scares me when it comes to fire risk du