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  1. Ok that is a cool idea I will definitely try this, thanks!
  2. Thanks to everyone for chiming in. I will practice on a piece of scrap and see what I can come up with.
  3. Watching this thread as it is something I have been experimenting with for several months, no real success thus far. Tried Jax Iron and Steel Blackener and my test piece was not that black, maybe I am not using it correctly.
  4. I have had decent luck with a product called Penetrol made by Flood. I am waiting for a new product to try called Sharkshide which is an outdoor marine coating that is supposed to be quite good. I have attached pictures of the two products so there is no confusion (soooo many products out there)
  5. This is of great interest to me. Does anyone of a picture of what this looks like when done to an item?
  6. This is more of a look than a finish (apologies if this is in the wrong section, feel free to correct me) I have no idea how to create this look. I am very interested in both the texture (distressed? antiqued?) and the rough worn blackish look. In the picture below I am asking about the large flat square piece on the door, not the handles. I spent several hours scouring youtube and various forums and still have no idea how to make this distressed/aged 3D look. Amazing work there, some of the best I have seen. My 'thing' is architectural blacksmithing) Many thanks to anyone
  7. I also bought a new anvil as it was the same price as a used one. I shopped around used anvils on various sites for about 4 months before realizing/deciding that a new one was the way to go. Until I got my anvil I was using a 2 foot section of old railway track for an "anvil".
  8. Been dabbling for about a year in smithing, making very small basic items. Have taken several local weekend blacksmithing courses and set up a decent small shop for myself. Now it is time to start learning and creating. I have read the 'Read This First' section. I have a question. Am I able to post pictures directly on this forum (ie upload them from my PC) or do I need to have them hosted someplace else like photobucket?
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