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  1. How come? Are they specialized with wet grinders?
  2. I'm looking to find newly made grindstones for low-rev wet grinders, and i'm not talking about Tormeks or teeny tiny aluminium oxide ones, i'm talking around 30 inches, where can i find it? And no, yardsales and auctions is not an answer
  3. Three fine TOR Z bashers, all from my grandad, elite hammers people
  4. This old thing is made from mild steel plate (fan blade) 4 blade construction
  5. Alrighty, i ground the corners on my anvil rounder afterwards, but might enlarge the radius
  6. I'm thinking of maybe buying one some day, suggestions?
  7. Not really availible to my knowledge, i'll have to check, but as i said, i can get 1045 for reasonable prizes
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