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  1. Those replies stacked on each other thought I sent them separately sorry I hear that Thomas, I wouldn't likely have a lawn myself if the irrigation cost me money.
  2. I've noticed that also it makes no sense to me but...I fix stuff. Absolutely Kozzy it honestly would not surprise me if one of them ends up in your area when they can. I'm trying to help give them some skill sets to help. The youngest (6) was with me in town 1 day and said it was to big.....its Dayton he likes starbuck of all places for a kid that grew up in Vancouver and Richland, both Wa. For those that dont know.
  3. Jasent will do especially if I know in advance with my job it can be pretty sour of the moment sometimes. Thomas, that would be great find for tools for sure. The lawn mower thing actually started as an accident (its 30+ and new to me so just dump more oil in) because he wanted some folding money so I told go the lawn and we will get you some cash....well quick back story my dad was a long haul trucker and he had been working with about checking oil changing it and cleaning the air I dont have to do it even for my pickup(that work is supervised) Works out pretty well all around, I can do something else and they are learning. WIN-WIN in my book.
  4. Thomas, they have all 3 been getting some tools for awhile, we started cheap when they were younger as a way to start teaching the things like putting it away when you're done with it dont just leave on the driveway after you fix your skateboard or whatever. So we start with yard sale (I keep the good stuff:))or HF then move up. When my dad passed a couple years ago they inherited some of his and I'll tell you what they are protective of them. They really like working with their hands which is hard to find these days so we try to help with motivation when we can, our 10 year old changes the oil in the lawn tractor even...I thought for sure It would blow up the 1st time as it hadn't been done frequently, next compression release is on his to do list! May as well let them work on a 30+ year old lawn mower. Vern thanks for the welcome I get over that way quite a bit.
  5. I think that's an official monster!
  6. I really dont know, is it to be period correct? I've heard of people saying they will take a better beating than a bench vice but why are you beating on your vice if you have other places to do it? If there is a thread that addresses this please let me know, I went back aways and didn't see anything. TIA RICH
  7. WELCOME new here myself found some good people and information so far...I like it here
  8. Kozzy and Jasent you have my attention!! Is there a private message feature here. Kozzy I'd like to know a price if you can and see pictures. Your not far away certainly doable and could be put to work again. Jasent I'd be interested in that chuck of rail aswell next time I'm up there (frequent) I'll try getting in touch with you. THANK YOU FOR THE VERY WARM WELCOME.
  9. Thanks. Dont really have what I consider even a decent scrap yard that I've found so far, but I do have some good hammering
  10. I am in between Dayton and Waitsburg about 25 miles north of Walla Walla. I am looking for tools (who isn't?) I have however done my share of work on hammer heads, trailer balls whatever but I'm thinking that adding a decent anvil and possibly a forge would make things easier. I was not aware of the Walla Walla Farriers school. I also have 3 nephew's that like working with their hands and have a huge imagination that are interested in trying it also. Unfortunately schools don't teach anything about these days sadly no shop classes or home economics and I'm sure I'm not the only one here to take both!(without metal wood auto and home economics I'd still be in high school Thank you! I did check your recommendation when I signed up #1 I think I did (I'll make sure) #2 always #3 well....that's how I got here!
  11. Hello my names Rich, been lurking around for a week or 2 and wanted to say hi. I've been doing some looking around at some tools which led me to this wealth of info.