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  1. It was a little different but didn't Jerry Clower do a routine on that?
  2. I heard some kind of talk yesterday (I've not found confirmation) that Washington is talking about state quarantine. Hope it's just crazy talk.
  3. Your response is one reason why I went with 80/90 is because the gear box on this is not sealed so anything hitting the bottom will likely hit ground, and this kind of box I will definitely not use grease.
  4. Right now it has just a thin layer of 80/90 on the gears and bushings but once I get to using it could change to a lighter option so it moves more freely to the bushings. Dangerous question I've seen but your thoughts?
  5. Well blower is working good now I just have to establish the first fire in it. Anthracite coal is throwing me more of a learning curve than I planned on, maybe this week I'll pick up some hard wood and try that way. Still learning I'm greener than wheat grass remember!
  6. Yes it did never had heard of that before thanks for the tip, I'll be remembering that one, I have a 9n tractor to restore also that it will come in handy I'm sure. HaHa just a dead blow:)
  7. Its apart!! Yeah! Thanks kozzy but working on getting it back together now, IM HAPPY! it wasn't a big deal just took longer than I thought it would.
  8. Well, I dont have a temper oven, as I'm just starting out and dont know yet how that process works. I've got an oven in the house but seems that would heat to evenly? And the wife gets about as upset when I use HER tools as i do when she uses mine, that being said she is out of town right now! Thanks for the tip but dont know I'm equipped for, since i dont know the process that would be involved. I'm getting ready to go try working it again, no results yesterday.
  9. Lol. While I know where my hammer is, I'm resisting, trying to let this combo work its magic
  10. Haha you would be correct my friend!;)
  11. It's only been in for about 1/2 hour so far.
  12. Well its currently in the 50/50 mix in a new sealed container, I'll see what happens over the next 24 hrs.
  13. I'd never had thought about a 50 50 of acetone and atf I'll have to check my supply. Marc1 the stubborn in me says NO TORCH,
  14. Thanks for the help folks. This is how far apart it is the main gears shaft is the only thing seized up everything else spins freely. It was sitting in diesel but found out when I got home my coffee can apparently has a small hole in it so no progress today. I have tried bumping it back and forth but it's not having it just yet. So tomorrow I will get a different container and some more diesel along with PB blaster then see what happens I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything. Not applying heat is me being stubborn, I will if need be. Kozzy, dont take this post the wrong way I am very happy with the forge and just trying to take baby steps to free it up, I am a horrible combination sometimes stubborn as all get out and then while I'm busy with stubborn I get impatient. I've been steering clear of the impatient because I dont want to hurt anything. Oh forgot the inside was free of anything but wasps nest. Thanks again everyone Rich
  15. A few weeks ago I got a buffalo forge with hand crank blower, from member Kozzy, and it will fit my needs perfectly except I cant seem to get the shaft the crank goes on freed up, everything else moves.(Yes i took it apart). So I started with saturating shaft with PB blaster, for days not helping, then I went to another penetrating oil called knocker loose these have been 3-4 days at a time. So Saturday I put it in ATF, still no movement, so it's currently as of this afternoon sitting in diesel. Which is where the thread I was reading stopped, now the long winded question..... what next if after a few days? Week? This doesn't do it? I am not wanting to put a torch to it, it's to nice for that. TIA Rich
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