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  1. 7018 rods only like DC, even if it says AC it still only likes DC you always have to run it hotter or it will stick probably 15-20 amps higher. 7018 rods are a medium penetrating low hydrogen rod, they are a serious industrial rod accompanied with 6010 for a lot of root passes. 6010 are an high aggressively deep penetrating rod. 7018's cannot have any moisture or you will have catastrophic failure in your weld, unless it is designated with an R (7018R. or 7018-R) which is DC only. 7018: 70 - 70,000 per square in of pressure it can handle 1 - means it welds all positions ( for e
  2. Hey, I've been away from this forum for several years, I'm not sure if this question has been asked before. I'm in the market for a power hammer I'm not sure where to start. What size hammer would be appropriate, I mostly forge up to 2" 1045 very rarely anything larger. I do some repair work for farm equipment, shoe horses from time to time; and tooling, hammers, axes, knives etc... I'm looking at Anyang #33 or #55, Big Blu 65, and of course a good deal on a used one. I could be thinking to small, but maybe a power hammer is better than no power hammer. I was already going to get o
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