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  1. HI Alan. Thanks for replying to my post. I haven't seen the manual. Could you email it to me at info@redhillwroughtiron.com.au. I worked out the problem of the slave piston not moving was the brass wear strip on the wedge was too tight. I also idea that oil entered the slave cylinder through oil misting. The main bearings are self lubricating but I don't know how oil travels up to the master cylinder. There are only outlet lines from the oil pump, 2 for the left and right main bearing and one for gudgeon (I think that is what it is called) I did install a valve in the slave cylinder cap that will allow a few drops of oil to be dropped in at prestart. The machine is working fine now. Hi Alan. Yes pictures of your oiling system would be good to compare.
  2. It would be logical to have an oil feed at the top but there are no holes there. There is oil in the chamber but how does it get there? I am thinking oil mist carried over in the air feed. Hmm Still thinking.
  3. Anybody know of the oil system for a 1cwt Alldays and Onions. My hammer seized and when I pulled of the head it was a bit dry inside but I cant find out how it gets oil into the hammer section. It has an automatic oiling system for the main bearings and gudgeon but that is as far as I can see. There are no other pipes going to the cylinders.
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