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  1. Hi there, As of now, I am working as a sales executive (marketing field) representing Canon. It was fascinating at the outset, however, turns into somewhat troublesome at this point. I am tired off with this work. It is not easy to get the clients as before and I have to hear the scolding from the manager if the sales go down. These continuous scoldings and pressure making me down, and it is reflecting in my works as well. I require a change. I have plans to change my profession to welding. I have a welder with me, one that had been utilized by my dad quite a while sometime recentl
  2. Hi there, I am from Ontario. I am currently working as a sales executive in the marketing field. I don't have any experience in welding but I have attended a workshop during my high school days. I would like to save my career to welding. Hope that I could be able to learn more from here.
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