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  1. i think its 30 pound it is probably 20 pound after looking at my hammer i think it isnt as big as i first thought it is more like the size of a 20 pound as for swinging it one handed i can do it but it aint the most comfy on me shoulders im pretty sure the bar was 30mm but it could be bigger as i didnt measure it i just guessed from looking at it i didnt buy it i found it during roadside pickup it was just laying in the grass
  2. the post was originally about the rebar hammer i just thought id also show me mjolnir it wont look like the comic but itll be cool as for texting the pic i have no credit or data on me phone at the moment and my phones camera is scratched
  3. did a rough drawing in paint to give you an idea of what i did
  4. i dont own a camera i used the schools one for the pics i posted and my phone wont connect to computers for some reason i probably should have taken pics before i took it home because it was hard enough taking it on the train once
  5. the one in the pics is decorative although you could probably use it for breaking stuff as for me forging with my rebar sledgehammer i cant forge at home at the moment because i live in a unit and cant light it because of the smoke and i cant do it in the driveway because its a shared driveway who needs a press when you have mjolnir
  6. id hope not about the cousin thing hahaha check thisun out though this ones more decorative and hasnt been finished but xxxx its heavy
  7. i only know of my ancestry coz me grandad had a mark or something on his hand and the doctor said its because of his viking ancestry unfortunately i don't have it because im too far down the bloodline its funny because my grandad hates violence and the vikings where the some of the most violent war loving people in history
  8. im sure because the hammer i made has a 1 and a half foot handle i made from some roundbar i had leftover from a vise i didnt finish and i definitely know it aint 2 pounds because my 3 pounder is like a feather compared to it i aint a big guy myself heavy tools don't bother me much though im only six feet tall but i do have a viking bloodline so im built for wielding huge hammers and swords
  9. i didnt forge it i wanted to but i didnt have the time however i plan on eventually forging it all i know is it has to be at least 20 pounds because i swing a 20 pound easy but this not so much but as i said it could just be the short handle its not the best looking hammer in the world it looks a little crappy but it wont break for a long time judging by the thick welds ill have to remember to take a pic wen i get home
  10. im just guessing the size and weight it feels heavier than a 20 pound sledge and is slightly larger plus the handle is shorter then most sledgies
  11. i ended up just stacking 4 pieces of the rebar and welding them up then put a handle on it id say its 20-30 pounds and has a handle a little over one foot itll do for now
  12. i tried making me re bar hammer and welded leaf spring on the face is looks a bit crap but it'll work next im planning a 4140 cromoly sledgehammer from 70mm round bar
  13. i think i have hc spikes because i made a small axe and it heat treated well ive actually never found marked spikes all the spikes i find are unmarked unless i know for sure what steel im using i just make whatever from it and see how it goes i actually got a peice of flatbar from school and my teacher told me it was mild so i made a machete out of it because it didnt bend like mild and it turned out great i rely entirely on scrap steel and old files because i dont have the money for new carbon steels from suppliers
  14. kin of unrelated but i also have a couple spikes and was wondering if they can be flattened in a hydraulic press cold because me teachers keep winjing about me using up the acetylene
  15. i heat treated the small anvil but not the large piece maybe that has something to do with it
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