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  1. I have wondered how much overlap there is here. NOMMA membership has been on my to do list for quite a while.
  2. My die block is in. 4x9x15 4140. Now to cut 5 inch blocks out of it
  3. I am tempted to add a cross head with vertical adjustment, just not sure if there is room. I would love to convert to a rear clutch, but a 3 1/4 shaft is pretty big. I would feel a lot better to have new Babbitt anyway.
  4. Odd, the video posted yesterday, now it looks like its gone. 20190404_100021.mp4
  5. This video is from the first time I powered the hammer. The clutch was locked up from many years of storage, but it gives a fair sense of the hammers operation. Video did not work
  6. It was the first year. They figured out that it needed the hight adjustment about 1921 I think. Sidd apologised for the lack of info on this one since there apparently are very few like it. That is one reason I have been trying to post as much as I can about it. It is an oddball. For example, it stalls completely if it gets grease or oil in the clutch cone. It wont move at all, I can stand on the treadle with both feet and the clutch just spins not moving anything. Clean it out and it runs fine. No telling what sort of material the lining is, i would assume leather or composition belting. It doesnt look any different from other little giant clutches.
  7. The reality of the rebar availability is online the website says they have it but the folks at the store of course get that glazed over look when you ask about it. I have some of the higher grades rebar from a construction company. I ran a few pairs of tongs and have to admit I am disappointed. The texture is kind of a pain, but it just is not up to being the weight I want. These pick up tongs work fine, but, aside from thier being extra fugly, weigh about twice what they should. This stuff just doesn't have the spring to it that I am looking for. Oh well, back on the trail for tong stock. If all else fails maybe some of the quarries will have old sucker rod. ( I havent seen it, doesnt mean it isnt there)
  8. Upset and squared to roughly 3.5x3.5. Started 8.5 finished at 5 inches long
  9. I have been trying to source tool steel with limited success. It seems a lot of folks around me use Alro, but my contact with them has left me with serious sticker shock. I would like to find a reliable source for 4140, 5160, 6150 or similar. I have some scrap sources which are fine for my own shop tools but for product use I would like to have new stuff. Is 4140 really $28 a pound?
  10. How about drilling a round hole that the hardy tool will fit through then bolting a plate over it with a square hole. Several sizes can be made , and it avoids having to cut a square hole through 2 inches of cast iron. Or you can make a bolster block the size of your hardy and clamp it to the table
  11. Forging some blocks for hammers today. Starting stock was 2.5 inch hydraulic hammer bits. The gun end with it's weird cut squared up really nicely. I did not get to the 10 pound chunk today. I was planning to try upsetting with the corner of the hammer, but am not comfortable with putting that kind of abuse into my 100 year old sow block. Much to my surprise, the hammer will cycle with it between the dies. Tomorrow I will square this up. I am not used to having this much stroke. ( this hammer has no vertical adjustment)
  12. Again, not 4130, but near enough. Its astm not ansi, but here it is
  13. Why on earth would you look to the MSDS for alloy data? I was looking at ansi spec for grade 60 rebar. It is for high stress applications. Grade 100 and 120 look real interesting , and there are higher grades. Grade 60 and 80 are pretty commonly available. Buy 30-40 tons at a time and 4140 gets cheap. I dont want that much and am not ok with paying alro's $415 mark up on a single bar. That is why I use old springs. I hate to have to process that extensively, but for the money that bar stock is off the table.
  14. Which steel can you get a ton of cheap? That's the best to use. I like H-13 for punches and chisles but everything else is a mix of 4140,4130,4150,5160,1045,6150,9260,1095, and W-1 depending on what is available.
  15. This one. It is not 4130, the chromium is too low but it has nickle, vanadium, and molybdenum. Actual properties should be pretty close to 4130. Rail clips are not a listed alloy, but are very near either 5160 or 9260, they have some Si and are just a smidge lower in Cr.