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  1. Huh, I will say I currently work a desk job and my grip was always average, yet holding on to my tools and what I am doing after 4-5 hours of smithing is certainly a challenge. I ended up investing in an adjustable grip strengthener that ranges from 20-90lbs. I have small hands on the average and that seemed to help me. However through the duration of using the grip exerciser, I have never developed bulky hand meat. Everyone is different though, I wouldn't worry too much about it unless its causing you pain. This will sounds funny, but I have a lot of family members with Dw
  2. Mullsmith

    Chisels in production

    Dude! how many people you got working for you!? hahaha
  3. Mullsmith

    hammer 2007

    Wow! you must have gotten good at this! How long did it end up taking you to do a single hammer after a while?
  4. Mullsmith

    Pile of Swords

    WOW! did you make all those yourself? How long did that take? I've heard swords can be a pain.
  5. Nice! I gotta Ask, have you tested them at all? They are SO cool!
  6. You are a very wise man Neil. You state my plan as it is in my head almost word for word. This is a passion and a hobby, but my real-life IS my family. I used to work at a certain place for about a year. they worked me to the bone! 60-70 hours a week... I quit FOR my family's sake and my own and I vowed to myself that I would never do that again. I'm just a child asking why the sky is blue, I know I don't have any in-depth experience in Black-smithing, (currently just my hobby) just as a child doesn't have extensive experience in physical sciences in order to completely understand how
  7. You are SO right. Frankly guys, I guess I don't know what I am asking. Like asking an artist how long it takes him to paint a picture... The answer I guess is, "As long as it takes." Sometimes I tend to forget how much of an art black-smithing is, I apologize for that. The answer I guess I have found is don't focus too much on how long it takes others, because its going to take you as long as it takes you. When you get better you may learn to make things at a quicker pace, but don't focus on comparison, focus on learning and enjoying and when you sell, you sell it for whats pa
  8. I want to make it clear rockstar, that my goal is balanced. I am enthusiastic and enjoy black-smithing thoroughly. My plan is not to quit my job and full-tim smith by any means... My plan is ultimately to hopefully make anywhere from 5-10k extra a year if I can. "The best way to stay in business is to be in business." (not sure who said that... but its a quote.) I have 2 things. A love for business (numbers, keeping track of things, making profit) as well as a love for smithing. When I was a kid I'd make a few hundred a year just going door to door re-selling candy and having a pa
  9. Great advise, However I didn't want to babble on like I have the habit of doing. I should explain my current position in all of this so you understand. I was making a very general question because I wanted very general statements. I wanted someone like you (a critical thinker) to give me real thoughts. My current position at the moment is a bit tied up. I am buying a house soon, I've been married almost 3 years and have a baby on the way. Every chance I get I travel almost an hour (after working full time) to get to a forge a friend and I built. I stay there forging till about 10PM
  10. yes, precisely. I don't focus too heavily on equipment, and I'm a fanatical "budget-er".(obviously not an English major) Very wise instructions, Like the previous comment I am looking to make what people buy and not what I want to make. Thank you for your advise!
  11. That is the forwardness I don't mind hearing... You are absolutely right. I guess my largest point on the matter is, what part of this has led to a return on your investment personally. I love doing this as a hobby and will continue that, but where is my time best spent in terms of a "Return on my investment." I want to learn what others have done and emulate the best way to go about this. Also sincere curiosity on how long it takes to make certain items as well as curiosity about what it would take for a business to actually pay an employee... I'm not saying I'm anywhere near that point.
  12. Mullsmith


    wow, incredible. how much time did it take you to make a single pair?
  13. Mullsmith


    You have just solved my recent issue... hahaha. thanks!
  14. Very True! thank you! I am Michigan in the US. And thanks for the site I will check it out!
  15. Mullsmith

    Yes they do break

    if you read the instructions they say that you can prevent this by tapping it with a piece of steel and seeing if it "rings", please dont ask me what that means... Im tone deaf when it comes to cutting wheels... lol
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