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  1. 2 more anvils, a 128# lakeside and a 95# no name cast iron anvil with a steel top.
  2. Our new addition to the family, baby Charles, 9 lbs 8.5 oz of pure blacksmith. Sure it may be a few years till I can get him in the shop...
  3. Lookin good flintlock , wish my first blades looked 1/2 that good ! Keep Hammering ! Jens
  4. We are charged with designing the future, not being victims of it. - R. Buckminster Fuller

  5. IMHO --- Carve one in balsa wood and paint it ...
  6. I've gotten cable from Web Rigging supply before - WIRE ROPE & CABLE > Wire Rope > General Purpose Rope - WebRiggingSupply look for the words : " 6X19 CLASS IWRC EXTRA IMPROVED PLOW STEEL, RIGHT REGULAR LAY " 1.25 " Diameter is what I buy, they sell it by the foot, though when I tell them I need 5 pieces 1 foot long each they do think I'm a little nuts ... happy hammering ! Jens
  7. Wow talk about a thread necro , almost 5 years have passed
  8. Some things that helped me learn to forge weld: Deep clean charcoal fire , slow & low on the air Just a touch of flux - flux ain't glue Don't Rush the heat but tap it quickly when its ready It's easier to weld 2 pieces of 1/2 X1/2 than 1/4 x 1/4 Do a minimum of 1 weld EVERY TIME you Light a fire ( or at least attempt one ) Jens
  9. Nice Hawks I really Like the 2nd one allot ! Several years ago I bought a toaster oven at the 2nd hand store, it lives in the shop. The SWMBO never appreciated me walking into the house with smoking dripping metal objects wearing my dirty boots... I wonder why ? Jens
  10. Looking good as usual Rich !
  11. Nice Work SF Love the hamon ! Jens
  12. Ohh Those are both very nice , I like your style , they look like they are meant to be carried & used. Good work ! Jens
  13. jens i dont have to far to go if i can remember the dates. My name is vern six of Ottumwa . i make knives and try to forge but know nothing about forging. i use 1095 and 1084 steel. (1) IS THIS FOR SOMEONE LIKE ME? ( WHAT DOES IT COST? (3) do i need to bring anything? if this is for people like me , then i will need your address thanks vern Sorry jens i just looked a little bit longer and i see this is over .sorry thaNKS VERN

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