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  1. Unfortunately my friend Windancer (Dave Evans) has passed before he could implement any of the ideas given to him on this forum and in this thread. He will be missed.
  2. I have lost a personal friend and this community has lost a friend and contributor. Dave Evans soul is free of the pain, the suffering, the anxiety and worry. He passed away this evening with friends and family in close attendance. Fellow blacksmiths let your anvils ring 67 time in memory of our friend.
  3. Time has passed, people have passed. Every time I read the post's in this forum I miss the wise and excellent post's made by Naked Anvil. You are missed Grant Sarver. When I hear thunder it makes me wonder if you are throttling up a BIG steam hammer.
  4. Looks like wooden tank straps. I had a bunch of them years ago after an old redwood water tank was torn down.
  5. Make a pair out of Timascus - any corrosion problems solved. I've seen them made out of it and they were drop dead gorgeous.
  6. Yes fit the wedge w/ Prussian blue till all the high spots are even. When you put the wedge back in put it in w/ a thin aluminum piece cut from a pop can, or a thin piece of copper. The easily formed piece will take up any spots missed w/ the Prussian blue and also it acts a little "sticky" also to hold the wedge better.
  7. Keenjunk was a hangout for many of us before Neil shut it down. There is a replacement for the site that is http://www.farwestforge.com/Forum/bsforum.php where a few of us old goats still hang out some in addition to this site. The old Keenjunk files are still available out there in the net. Hope it is OK if I post the other site in here - if not I am sure I will hear about it.
  8. I will call it a snakes tail - but that is not right I know. I am looking for a video of someone wrapping stock around itself several times. I want to make some 1-1/2 eyes in 1/2" stock and then wrap the tails around the shank two or three times. I can do this currently (at least the eyes) but watching someone else do it would sure help me do it easier. I'm pretty good at monkey see - monkey do. Anyone recommend a video?
  9. 300 BPM is quick! My Sahinler runs at 230 and I'm too slow to turn stock 90 degrees between blows when drawing. But that is just slow ol me. Congrats you got a good un.
  10. I run my Sahinler 110# on a 4" floor. I have the hammer sitting on a pad of 2x4 boards. Haven't had any problems.
  11. Don't know if you guys had heard or not. I did not see a post on here about it. Larry Langdon's shop in Auburn WA burned and it has put him out of business for awhile. There is more info about it on the quick and dirty tools page on facebook.
  12. Taps and dies - squirt cutting oil on them and use them. They will clean themselves.
  13. Alan do you have any further info about "lillico" - I did a quick search and found no reference to it.
  14. How is the hammer being shipped? Did you have to arrange shipping or did they quote you FOB your shop or?
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