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  1. Don, what's the thickness of the plates you used? I was watching this video, but I'm pretty sure I won't find a plate that thick around here. Down to what thickness you think is safe to build a firepot?
  2. On the bright side of this history, I found out that a friend of my wife has three anvils, all three are AV (Aço Villares a Brazilian steel company that was acquired by Gerdau). One of them is about 30kg and the other two way above 150Kg. Possibly 200kg. He invited me over today and I found that those AV anvils have a nice TING to them and have about 90% rebound (measured it with the 1" bearing I bought). Now, I might have measured it all wrong, but I'll consider having an AV anvil. All the three anvils are quite nice and have very very flat faces and I'm pretty sure they are cast steel, as I couldn't detect any indication that there was a steel plate welded on top of the anvil. That`s actually a good tactic. Will try this out with my boy. =)
  3. I had several meetings with people from Brazilian sites like Craiglist and have never given my address... Always met them on very public places. IDK what happened to me this time... Anyway thanks for all advises, guys.
  4. Hey, guys. I'm back. So, it seems that the anvil was a scam. The owner started having some weird behavior by not answering phone calls and my messages on Whatsapp and not being at the time and place we scheduled to meet. Then he got back again saying he was traveling to a nearby city to get some cars on an auction, and then went missing again. Unfortunately, the one time I managed to speak to him over a phone call I gave him my home address as he offered himself to deliver the anvil that supposedly was on the back on his truck. Now, I might be a bit too afraid of people wanting to rob me, but heck, I live in Brazil, so no caution is too much caution. I should've been suspicious of the price, but I got carried away with what seemed a good opportunity. I'm still not 100% sure that it was a scam of some sort but his erratic behavior led me to think so and I chose to get my hand off the thing... Thanks. Will do this if any other opportunity shows up. Cheers, all!
  5. Was thinking about that and concluded that: stuff here and usually costly. Being paid in USD is obviously better, but the price of the anvils does not reflect our reality. I've been thinking a lot about the blacksmithing tradition here in Brazil and I'm most certain that basically there's none, except for knifemakers over the south, which was also colonized by Germans and had Polish come in later, besides Italians. We're a late industrialized country and I think that most of these great anvils came to the country during the construction of railways (starting on 1832 by an British company on Rio de Janeiro) - during this time Brazil was still an empire. So what I think happens is that most people that own a Soderfors, Kohlswa, Wilkinsons and any other good anvil, basically don't know what they have on their hands, and this makes the prices be low. The few that know, will also no try to charge the "same" as over there in the USA, as there'll be no one to buy, as anvils are unused, 'cause we're not a blacksmith rich culture. You can see big differences on anvil prices when looking for anvils over the three south states (but mostly Rio Grande do Sul) when compared with anvils from São Paulo and other states above the south (want to say "northerner states" but São Paulo is technically on the central-west, so...). They're way higher over the south, because there's people to use them. Going today. Still trying to make a time work.
  6. This might sound stupid, but when you say "cleaned off" you mean that I should (hand) wire brush/sand it a little? Will look for a imperial ruler. Should the result be the same at any height? Should I be testing from several different heights? Is this video a good example? Yeah, if he's paid in USD he's taking a really great deal of Brazilian economic crisis right now. Can't say he lives for near nothing, but he sure lives a comfortable life. The current rate is 1 USD to 5.4 BRL. I'm still being paid in BRL - but now that I'm working at an USA company, I'm working hard to change that on the future! Not so far. Only came across Soderfors, Kohlswa and a Wilkinson, besides the Brazilians (AV, Somar, Correauto) and some unnamed ones. I can't say that I feel bad... hahaha
  7. Let's hope this happens!! hahaha Are there any guides here on how to measure the rebound rate?
  8. Ok, so I found this. No brands or any identification marks. Looks good, but I don't understand a lot... Guy told me it weights around 90Kg and he purchased it on a city nearby that is know for it's train and railway history (Paranápiacaba). Don't think he knows what it's made of... He's basically giving it away for $47 (yes, forty-seven). I'm coming over to "test" it tomorrow or by the weekend (but I want to go ASAP as I don't want let this slip). Now, the two bearings arrived today (1" and 1/2"). What should I bring with me? The ball bearings and a hammer? What should I be looking at? Is the fact that it has no pritchel hole a no go? Cheers!
  9. Hey, DHarris. Nice design. I'm looking into making one for myself too but am concerned with the air flow. How do you control yours? Also, this might be a stupid question for all you more seasoned on the craft, but why did your pot depth is 5" and not 3" as suggested on Bam's design. Why and what's the difference?
  10. Been thinking about making a new firepot, since the forge is that large. I have my old hand-made forge that I can take apart to make a firepot that fit's this new structure and tuyere. I don't have enough knowledge to state what design I'm after, so what would you guys suggest me?
  11. Thanks, that's what I thought, since pure linseed oil is way harder to find over here, at least. Will stick to my ol' Brazilian carnaúba... hahaha
  12. Found out that ball bearings are not something that easy to find around here. Found whole new bearings, though. Ordered one 1" and one 1/2" steel ball. Should arrive today. Also, when you say, Boiled Linseed Oil, is this a pure linseed oil or does it contains solvents too?
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