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  1. If you click on the three bars at the top right, pull up your account, then profile info- you can add your location, hobbies, info etc. Like that. Then when I read your post- I can click on your profile and see if you're close to me or not... Helpful info sometimes. Welcome to the madness Jimmy! And don't be afraid to fail. Make a bunch of crappy chunks of steel that don't look like anything useful... they are- they show you and tell you how to move metal, how to do better the next time.
  2. Unsure yet... I'm not going to be able to judge it on this blade- as its going to be gifted to my friend soon. But, the knobs and handles on my belt sander are done with the same product... and they're still looking great after a couple months use.
  3. Exactly George... I have a neighbor who literally lives a quarter mile from me. He runs a welding/fabrication shop out of his pole barn. I can go to him for oxy/acyt bottles, at a cheaper dealer price for gas. But he also has a bottle rental fee. So even if I'm not using my torches- they're costing me.
  4. Not to sound like I'm being sarcastic- I went to the store, tankless. Paid for the use of 1 oxygen, 1 acetylene tank. Went home with 1 ea. I used them for a couple weeks, on a bigger job cutting and bending tube steel. Ran out of oxygen, went to the store with oxygen tank, paid for & swapped it out for a fresh full tank... went back to work. Its been a few years, but they have their own tanks, certified. I don't know if they still do this or if it is just a larger store? But, its a possibility? I mean to say that until you can get your own tanks set up to use- you could rent
  5. ^ In regards to Helen's statement there. I'm with jungle here... I work full time at a sign shop. At home, I get into rc cars, shooting, fishing, woodworking, vinyl graphics &stickers, model cars, custom gun cerakoting, old cars, and smithing. (Knives mostly) All while dealing with PTSD, cervical vertabrea damage, old age catching up with me, and being a perfectionist to the point of frustration... The things we make, and create, are our way of dealing with life, and what it throws at us... perfect it will never be... but awesome it can be. As far as not belon
  6. I don't know about illinois- but here & in texas... i just went down to tractor supply, and rented a couple tanks for my setup. They came filled, and I had to sign a transportation slip? of some type. It was really cheaper than just renting a set of tanks from a welding supply place. Basically, you pay for the gas. Then go back and swap out when empty. Might be easier to deal with than getting your tanks certified? Haven't had a need for mine yet here in Ohio, so I haven't picked up tanks in years. Need to soon though!
  7. Hmm... if I were in your shoes- for this job I think I'd do two things. First, I'd build a jig to hold the pieces in alignment and clamped in place for the welding work. Then, I'd grind a decent 45 degree chamfer along/on the broken edges... so I'd get good welding penetration and fill. Any weld- if done correctly, and burned in well, should hold. I welded a 4- link suspension into a Chevy s-10 for a friend. He added airbags on a nitrogen bottle feed, and showing off- trying to hop it... ripped the rear suspension apart. None of my welds broke- he tore them right out of the frame rai
  8. So whats covering the wool? It doesn't look coated in those pics. If not, thats a real health issue you might wanna address soon bud.
  9. Another point on welding cast iron- It should be heated before welding. Not red hot, or in a forge type heating... more along the lines of a black heat... and usually something like a "rosebud" tip on an oxy acetylene torch- generally and slowly heat the area around the area to be welded to prevent further cracks and breakage from the thermal shock of welding it. Keep it heated and warm as you weld it.
  10. Got my forge re-lined over the weekend, nothing big, just fresh refractory wash. Cleaned up my burner mount, gonna put on some better fasteners, and extending the blower further from the forge body with some 2" pvc before going into the metal 2" pipe.
  11. Your only other option is vfd control unit. Expensive to upwards of $300 dollars, but available on amazon.
  12. What did you wind up using to weld it? (Just curious) Looks pretty decently done. Getting there man!
  13. I was using my new 2x72- day or two back... heard a strange sound. Had a bearing smoking just like that picture! My buddy Jake helped me replace the bearing, and turned a thrust washer? to space it back out correctly. Got it all re-assembled, and was finish sanding some brass knife bolsters on the lower wheel- when the motor started spitting sparks and sounded like I was arc welding. Got some hot grinding dust in it, and burned the windings- allowing them to arc out to the armature. Smh... now I get to get a new motor to replace my new motor. Sigh...
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