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  1. hahahah what a tard stainless?.. shame about one anvil made useless tho.
  2. DClaville

    a small hand axe

    From the album: My Pics

    a small one hand axe all forged from cs60 steel mountain-ash handle dyed head is left forged finish and hot wax dipped
  3. From the album: My Pics

    my Powerhammer a 1CWT /55kg. Pilkington, very old hammer was lucky to get it from the UK hammer god John N its been sitting as in the pic for way too long but shes gonna have to wait a bit more :( . I am aiming to have the shop and her ready for use this summer (2011) so we can get banging ;)
  4. DClaville

    Swage blocks

    From the album: My Pics

    my two Swage blocks the big on is nearly never used its too big with too large shapes for most of my use but it was to good to pass on its about 90kg.
  5. DClaville

    most of my stuff

    From the album: My Pics

    most of my stuff stored in a corner until i get my shop finished :(
  6. I really enjoy making axes and swords and hammers also knives and other tools but also art pieces and hinges ..HELL i think i like making most things would really like to make some tables with wood tops and some tall floor lamps with home made glass inserts but duno if i like it "yet" ;)
  7. I got real wrought iron I-beams, middle flat section is 8mm thick and 4" wide length up to 2 meters. more them enough to spare some the catch is tho that I'm in Denmark :S
  8. OHH boy where did you dig that up from John its soo lovely how big is it? does it have a steel face ?
  9. clearn it wrap it in silver foil take a bit of cash in your pocket, drive to the local pizza place and ask nicely their oven is big enough and they should be willing to give it a soak when they have the shop closed as it will be to hot when they are making pizzas in there :)
  10. very cool idea thanks for sharing it mate.
  11. i think a big part of the member never scroll so far down the forum list shame it is tho the making of a P welded sword can never be seen too many times i think please share if its no big trouble, the more pics the better :)
  12. yes please post it in the sword section on here so we all can follow how you go about making one :D
  13. nice looking hammer but you really should weld something on where the cutout in the beam has been made it looks really weak IMO
  14. the PW will be better any day if it has a reasonable thickness of steelface left. and as stated the londonpattern is just a pattern kohlswa makes them as well amoung others what pattern of the Kohlswas are you interested in mate?
  15. i got a rather new (probably early 1990s.) and its really really hard the edges are a bit brittle but that just be course I haven't radiused them enough as I use it for fine work and wanted the edges sharpish. but its a great anvil and don't ring much is it is probably secured to a wood stump with a player of silicon filler between all in al its a nice anvil but i would not buy one of them if i was buying new for tat amount of money but its al about how easy it is for you to get a used good anvil cheap cheers DC
  16. truly fascinating makes me wish I could see them at hand thanks for sharing with us and good luck with the book Jim Cheers DC
  17. DClaville

    smithing magician

    very glad it helped mate ;) looks good cheers DCL
  18. looks like youve done a great job bringing it back to life would love to see it forging some steel in a video
  19. DClaville


    that looks very stunning the sori is a lot but it looks spot-on. but Doc. J we need a close up of the hamon so we can droll some more ATB DC
  20. your doing this on the steam-punk lady Owen very cool idea a video of her running "prime" would be great to watch :)
  21. well even if no one had any info to share i thought some one might be interested in seeing some pictures of a pilkington powerhammer about 1 and 1/2 year ago i made up my mind that i will get a powerhammer and setteled for a anyang airhammer as they are briliant machines and good tools... but when i got offered this pilkington my love for old machines and tool kicked in and made me change my mind i would still like to one day have a 15kgs. anyang hammer for doing light stuff as this pilkington is really powerfull.. so heres some info and pics and one vid will post more when i get time it is a pilkington no. 1 air hammer 1CWT / 55kgs. ram a one piece hammer has a nice 'puffing' sound it is still unly in primer grey but will get a nice green with yellow highlights currently the hammer is in the UK at John N at massy forging (also where the pics and vids are taken) here is a link for more pictures and here is a link for the vid. the hammer still needs some fidling with but powerhammer master John will take care of that. still if anyone has any info about pilkington or when alldays & oniens bought pilkington i would be very interested. Cheers DC.