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  1. that is some very nice looking tongs. will try to make some or maybe even buy some of grant if/when he makes some.. DC
  2. that is called a step vice.. they are a bit rare as far as i have read I would love to buy it but the postage would kill it as i live far over in Denmark.. they are very handy to have when forging. Id give it a go with a powered wire brush and then coat it with some oil and take some good photos and get some dimensions and then post it on E-bay it will fetch more if people can see what condition it is in. DC
  3. That is a fantastic shop. it is very easily to see that you have just cleaned it as it looks to clean for a workshop! you forgeing set up is very nice and spacey oh and i think i am drooling.. DC
  4. An old saying goes that a prober smith hammers on a pieces of cold iron to if get hot enough to light the wood shavings used to set fire to the coals. never done it tho but only tried once..
  5. Happy B-Day mate hope you have a good one wit your loved ones, Cheers DC
  6. Hi all I would greatly appreciate if anyone has any info/links/knowledge or anything about pilkington No 1 powerhammers? as I might be getting one. Cheers DC
  7. Jim cool stuff nice to know pro's also got time to fool around and have fun. DC
  8. cool idea i will have to make me one of those it saves one from bending down to a short wood stump and also not having a full sized stump in a small workshop at all times DC
  9. very nice looking Jim! looking forward to the pics of the finished piece DC
  10. look around on youtube there are some good vids on there about making axes DC Edit: I find that this is a good link http://www.fao.org/docrep/009/ah637e/AH637E26.htm#TopOfPage
  11. heres my big 142kg anvil from 1905 will be used as a main anvil in my new shop i am building. i did a cut in rule in it DC
  12. rules of D.Claville forge: when taking to someone remove all metal form the centre of the fire. never gloves on the hammer hand but always on the other hand. don't catch what you drop when something hot is dropped always kick you feet so you don't burn you shoes and toes. never hit any thing cold on the anvil unless I told you to do it never leave a blade in the vice and walk away from it. always full face protection when forge welding. well what most of em gotta get around to have a wall poster made with em for when others are in the shop. DC
  13. Yep many uses them here I use the blower from an old oil burner like from an oil stove to heat up water and such they all have a good blower in em and can be taken apart from the oil inlet thingy.. DC
  14. here are my books some more about bladesmithing and such but some blacksmithing in there My Book Shelf the PACTICAL BLACKSMITHING books are very good of giving knowhow about how they did back in the old days DC
  15. Demoing is fun and yes you don't need to be able to make something hard and fancy and even if you can you don't have the time course of all the talking and answering of questioned you will be doing. so making something fast and small that needs a few different techniques is the best things to do for demo's like leaves, hooks, simple knife blades and such things DC
  16. Thanks for that post and photos Hofi you give out great info as always cheers DC
  17. i always use wood and wet it with lots of water once when i forged some all around round balls i burned a dent to fit it in a wet wood block and when with the ball bashed a piece of thing mild plate into it wood hole to get the same size for the rest of the balls DC
  18. what are the size of it ? looks very big.. and will the handle be fitted with something? blade shape looks good. DC
  19. keep as is or rework it to a punch in a size you have the need for and yes remove all the mushroom edges DC
  20. ehmm.. Microwaves does not affect metal that is why if you put food or any thing organic in a steel foil and put it in the micro wave oven it will not get hot... all that happens migh be some sparks if you are lucky or els nothing happens.. DC