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    been workin' with steel since 1975.Started at E.B. in Groton, Ct.
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  1. Yes I could but the $55 shipping is what discourages me
  2. Greetings all, been lurking. Is there a source for the AMAL injector burners in the US?
  3. I remember that update, it still is a disappointment though, I have been curious about melting glass into forged Iron sculptures, and this thread keeps popping up.
  4. To bad the photos are not available...Failed software?
  5. I don’t understand what that means, improvement usually means, improvement.
  6. What happened to the photos?
  7. Yes of course, I would like to have the tools that fit in the holes. Did it come with some, or were they assumed to be made by the farrier?
  8. I guess it is a Swedish made anvil...those tiny pritchel holes don't help me much though.
  9. I am not a fan of fat oem handles, I usually rasp them down. With this handle I would have to replace it if to fat...
  10. I like your table, nice legs!
  11. I have a similar anvil . So you say the face is softer than standard?
  12. Wow Triffids, not since 1964 have I heard that word....
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