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    Forging; blades,tools,art and much more. Wood work, all sorts. Metallurgy (still novice). looking at old buildings and collecting/playing with old machines and tools. and lots more.


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    Denmark Fyn
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    I like to do blacksmithing have had a huge interest in it for a few years now and used to be a compu
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    Blacksmithing, fine woodworking, old tools and more
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    Agricultural smith apprentice

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  1. Hey Randy I have build a press it's almost done well still need to have electric automation control made for it and some more tooling but here is a link to a photobucket album with pictures of it http://s239.photobucket.com/user/DClaville/library/forging%20press?sort=3&page=1 and also have a few short youtube videos
  2. DClaville

    Braided twist

    you take 8 bars of the same length and twist (clock wise) them 2 by 2 so you have 4 twisted bars then you join them forge weld or cheat and electrical weld the end :P and twist (counter clock wise) the whole thing can be made with round, square or hex bar for different looks happy hammering
  3. Manowar, AC/DC, pink floyd, rage against the machine and other such great sounds :)
  4. stand that weight on end and just use it.. you will learn loads and can make most things on it the I-beam will only give you bleeding ears and less work done. you dont need a large surface as long as it is a bit larger den the face of your hammer then its enough what matters it the mass and that it doesn't move around get hammering and play safe good luck
  5. it is a non hardenable steel so it can't really be HT'ed much
  6. thanks for this idea have been thinking about a usable and fast spacer set for some time but this is just perfect have to make a load of nips for these next time I got a laser cutter handy, need at least one for every vise
  7. google Iron smelting and read from there ;) next on the list is metallurgy difference between steel and iron and other metals its a fun hobby but not something you will understand and know all about in just a few years time as a side note, your avatar pic is already used by at least one other member on here makes it confusing for us who are bad at remembering names
  8. I like it a lot very cool design and it looking heavy it very important its IRON-work not Ikea junk what is the diameter of the top and how high is the table trying to guess its size :) keep up the good work and as Frosty says we love pictures
  9. havent seen the show. but alu quench plates works wonders on blades made from air hardening steels i know several knifemakers who use it but yes they are all stock removers it also helps minimising warpage / twisting
  10. Hi welcome to this great site thanks for sharing this info it is very interesting it would be very fascinating if you could do the same test with some high carbon steels like 1095, 1080, O1 or such if you could get your hands on some bits of on of them these steela will also burn at much lower temperatures and with more sparks this is steels commonly used by knifemakers If i didn't live on the other side of the pond I would be more then happy to send you some known steel bits to test out, maybe another knifemaker who shares your continent would be as kind ?
  11. Hey Andy seeing your limited space I would recommend a moveable vice stand so you can shove it out the way when not needed your floor is limiting as well so a stand with a largeish plate to sit on the floor that you will stand on when working on the vice seems a good solution so that you dont twist it around here is how i build mine but you can go with wood or what you can get your hands on it is normally standing up a wall but i drag it out the middle of the floor when needed
  12. Thats great Ric! shame there is so little forging shown Is there no chance of a video showing some more of the forging for us Metal-Geeks? no need for too much fancy editing ;)
  13. if you don't have other plans for that cylinder, why not just shorten it?
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