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  1. Now that's a good idea! I'll try that and post some more pix. Thanks Thomas!
  2. I'm told that, in the UK, if you're at the right craft show in some swanky part of the country, there's a good chance of getting phone number prices for this stuff, although I didn't make it to sell it anyway! I'll probably use it as a backdrop for selling my seax's and medieval cutlery!
  3. For no other reason that the idea was in my head, I decided to have a try at a real rough, grungy, piece of welded scrap. This was the end result! What do you think, Guys?
  4. They are some beautiful blades, right there! If they're Christmas presents, they're sure to bring joy to the lucky person who gets one of them. Have a very good Christmas everyone! Bob
  5. That is excellent, well thought out, quality materials and workmanship, a truly great working blade. I love the very solid looking retaining lock!
  6. What makes me really wonder is that we have an elected body of the great and the good, all probably Eton, Harrow and Oxford educated to a high level - although that ain't no proof of intelligence - governing every move we make in this septic isle. 650 of them create laws and sit in judgement on us mere mortals and some lobbyist with a sense of humour has convinced the majority of the existence of the undead! if proof were really needed of their existence, could I respectfully suggest a survey of the denizens of the house of both commons and lords?
  7. juttle

    New gas forge

    The sign thing is a good idea, although, this being rural Devon, my farmer friend will probably install the sign and then connect his electric fence to it! He does deserve a present certainly, I can feel a long hunter coming on...
  8. juttle

    New gas forge

    No worries, I'll post back here after the mods are made whether I make a mess of it or improve it! That's the thing with making stuff yourself, if you screw it up, you've still got the pile of junk you started with and haven't spent a fortune on it!
  9. juttle

    New gas forge

    The Kaowool has already got a good coat of rigidizer, you can tap it and it rings! You're right about the fibres, Dodge, they can, and will, do all sorts of harm to the respiratory system so anybody considering using ceramic fibre needs to be aware of that! When I change the burner for a two burner system, I'll also fit a ball valve to allow operation with just one burner if required. I'm going for the Amal based Venturi burners that timgunn was talking about recently. Thanks for looking!
  10. juttle

    New gas forge

    Not yet, but should I need a pass through, I can easily cut one and just touch up the outside. I'm pretty much decided on the two burner set up, I'll get to it when the UK recovers from Christmas! Thanks for looking!
  11. juttle

    New gas forge

    I've been looking for the bits to make a new forge for a while but, without spending a fortune, nothing appeared. A farmer friend of mine happened to mention that a not particularly community minded gentleman, not the exact words, but explained to me in proper old devonian, had deposited an unwanted bit of scrap in one of his hedges! I was now the proud owner of an old and abused, and definitely defunct, clarke compressor! Once I got it home, I stripped off all the extraneous stuff and was left with this. Welded some legs on it, Added 50mm of Kaowool and an inlet for the burner, Welded the front back on with an access hole cut, and installed a burner, Sprayed the inside with rigidizer, plaxed some home made firebricks in the base, waited for the rigidizer to dry and fired it up! The door is lined internally with fireclay and swings shut to retain the heat. It doesn't fit the access hole, but has a fair sized gap around the outside to allow the forge to breath. I would it up to 40 bar and my thermocouple went off the scale. Further evidence that it gets plenty hot enough was the melted section of EN45 that I left in the forge just a bit too long! I think it would benefit from two smaller burners rather than the one its got, so, once the world recovers from Christmas, I think I'll build a couple of Amal based burners which timgunn referred to in an earlier thread. On the whole I'm well pleased with the end result. What do you think, guys?
  12. Hi, No idea about the make, but the three numbers, 2 1 21 is probably the old English weight, cwt, qtrs, lbs, which would work out at 273lbs. (2 cwt = 224lbs, 1qtr = 28lbs + 21lbs) Looking at it, it's probably all steel or wrought iron with a steel face. Are there any holes in the sides near the base? It there are, they're probably for handling the lump during the forging process. Sorry I can't give you any more, hope this helps!
  13. Very nice, simple clean lines, looks like a decent user too!
  14. If the numbers are where I think they are, below the Peter Wright and England, they indicate the weight in old hundredweights, quarters and pounds. That should indicate that your anvil weighs 1cwt (112lbs) 1qtr (28lbs) 5lbs. So, that gives a total weight of 145lbs. There's a huge amount of info on Peter Wright anvils on the net, but you should be pleased that you've got an example of one of the best ever made! I expect there will be a degree of argument about that, but, nevertheless, you've got a good one! Enjoy!
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