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  1. Chinese Hammer Differences

    Whether or not the hammer needs an external air compressor. As far as I’m aware there are no USA made self contained air hammers. Examples of self contained: Nazel, Massey, Anyang. Examples of utility hammer: Big Blu, mz75, etc. there are significant differences in how they perform as well. I could be completely wrong though. I just don’t know a US made self contained hammer maker, to answer the guy who was indicating that it might be unpatriotic to buy one made elsewhere. In his defense he did say "buy an American hammer" to which I would say he's referring to the utility hammers, which are great but they may not fit the bill if someone wants a self contained.
  2. Chinese Hammer Differences

    Who is selling American self-contained Air Hammers? Is there a US manufacturer? If so, I've missed it.
  3. Anyang hammer oiler drain

    Hey Setlab, did you get your problems figured out with the oil swap? Did it help?
  4. Chinese Hammers

    Hey Crappiew, did your hammer get in? If so, what are your thoughts, I recently obtained an ST hammer from Anyang, China. I'm happy so far.
  5. Chinese Hammer Differences

    I recently took delivery of a 15kg/33lb Ston Forging Tools ST hammer from Anyang, China. I am writing up a separate post regarding 'my experience with a "non-Anyang" chinese air hammer.' Not to spoil too much but I'll say this, the cost savings seems to have been worth it after the customer service experience and what seems to be a good quality hammer.
  6. Show me your Bottle Openers!

    My take on a 'church key' bottle opener. All fullering done on my flypress.
  7. Latest hammers I've made

    A 1.25lb cross pein and a small 8oz ball pein. Ash and Canarywood for the handles. Thanks for lookin! Derek
  8. Fly press tooling for slit & drift of 3/4 inch round and square bar

    Nah, the v-block jig would be used for round only, that's something that could be put together so quick that it doesn't bother me that it would be a 'single use' jig. =)
  9. Fly press tooling for slit & drift of 3/4 inch round and square bar

    I certainly don't mind a couple heats as long as I have a method to accurately do it repeatedly. I've been slitting and drifting those by hand and I get about every 3rd one to my satisfaction.
  10. Fly press tooling for slit & drift of 3/4 inch round and square bar

    3/4 inch 5160 round bar at first. Yeah, the no. 4 is a little smaller than I wanted but I got it at a price I could not resist. =) I still think this no. 4 will do a LOT of work for me though.
  11. Fly press tooling for slit & drift of 3/4 inch round and square bar

    Two pass most likely, it’s a Denbigh No. 4 Fly press.
  12. Anyone happen to have any pictures or ideas for tooling to slit & drift 3/4 inch round bar under a fly press? I've got a couple of simple ideas.
  13. Well, I wound up laying them all out on a wooden board and spraying them with a thin coat of a good quality automotive clear coat lacquer. it's not the nice blackened finish I'd normally apply but I did not have the time to individually heat them and treat them with a hand-rubbed finish. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  14. They just have a keyring attached to the bottom, then it goes on your keychain and you can hang them from the edge of your pocket, purse, etc.