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  1. Yes, usually cobalt salts. Not like the lead, cadmium, and zinc in paint fumes. The things in spray paint, you don’t want to breathe in. https://www.krylon.ca/document/SDS/en/724504015796_SDS_English.pdf
  2. All the surfaces of an anvil are working surfaces/swages to the initiated. As well as noxious fumes, Paint can also add a shrill pitch to the ring of an anvil.
  3. Boiled linseed oil fumes (after it is dry) aren’t toxic like burning paint fumes.
  4. Try soaking in an electrolysis tub setup that reverses rust. Paint on an anvil results in constant burning paint fumes in your face. Use boiled linseed oil.
  5. Refflinghaus #58 is a true South German pattern, the Holland anvil listed as South German Pattern is actually a Swedish pattern.
  6. Josh here, Roy’s apprenticeship was in Villingen-Schwenningen under Kunstschmiedemeister Klaus Walz. After 3 years of apprenticeship, Roy travelled as a Wandergeselle for 3 years and 1 day, working in forges under the old masters still working at that time, across Europe and down into Egypt. I have had 4 years of apprenticeship under Roy while building the forge together.
  7. Most likely it is a forged anvil. The S&S we have with a cast body has no hole on the bottom. We have not seen a cast German anvil with the bottom hole. -Josh Please note, we are a professional blacksmith shop operating under the instruction of a professionally-certified journeyman blacksmith. We are committed to furthering the professional blacksmith trade through cordial cooperation.
  8. Our firepots are about 4” deep with sloped sides. We make these firepots in house and teach professional firepot making as a 2 day workshop. -Josh Remove the borderline advertising.
  9. just playing around, ended up posting links to the same vid.
  10. roy/frf hi jhcc, thank you for explaining this to me. r/frf making nails makes a better blacksmith ama about our hermann buckets hermann was my mentor in germany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQSmneUvSSM
  11. roy/frf thank you for pointing out the bandwidth situation. did not think of that. what do you mean by straight link?
  12. roy/frf hi bug it sounds like you are a total beginner. thank you for your interest in the trade. my advice as professional blacksmith is as follows: find a local smith with a good reputation and volunteer as helper. first it will tell you if this is for you and second you will learn a lot. figuring this out by yourself is a waste of time and money. once you have determined that this trade is in fact for you, things will fall into place. find a/several mentors. invest time with them as much as you can, it will pay back big time. i learned this the hard way in my beekeeping endeavors. blacksmithing is a two man team effort and a lot of smiths here in north america unfortunately work alone. my guess is that a lot of them would welcome a dedicated helper with open arms. i know i would, but i am very lucky to have a very talented and dedicated apprentice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewHWxv6cLb4&t=196s after you are born, you have to learn how to crawl before you walk and then run. a lot of people try and do this process in reverse when they want to learn blacksmithing. you need patience. there are no instant reward scenarios in this. blacksmithing is the real world. you cannot fake it. and that is the beauty of it. it is real. ama. roy/frf
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