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  1. Could someone with AIA please tell me what year a 77934 was made? Maker stamp Z. 153# thanks
  2. Could someone with AIA tell me what year a 37734 was made? thanks
  3. Getting a lot better. Swapped mig tips to .035 and was able to have a nice working temp at 8 psi. Lights up easy now. Work in progress. thanks for the help
  4. Okay k26 brick installed and in the process of refractory order. Next question. How deep does the tip of the flare need to penetrate the forge? Right now I have it set flush with the inside face of the liner...as mentioned before lots of trouble getting it to light. After it warms up for 5-10 minutes it’s easier to light. Thoughts?
  5. All the materials are so expensive. Where is the best place to buy? Can’t decide on blankets or bricks... what’s the most affordable way to get this done?
  6. Can you describe a neural flame and where to start adjusting? another thing I was wandering and it might be way off but can I Satanite and tc 100 over my bricks?
  7. Having trouble getting welding heat and also difficult to light until it warms up. Let me know I’m doing wrong. 30-60 psi of propane. Thanks guys.
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