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  1. I'm pretty sure the steel is going to scale away like several other posters mentioned. The carbon and steel atoms both are happy to "burn" and you'll probably wind up with a lot if iron oxide at the end of your attempt. Historically wrought iron would also have had varying levels of silica slag mixed in with the iron as well. This is what gives wrought iron it's noted rust resistance and fiberous structure. Later wrought iron would have had less or even negligible amounts of silica slag. If you want the low slag wrought iron the very low carbon steel is probably your best bet and you can buy that. If you want higher silca slag wrought iron burning out the carbon in mild steel wouldn't get you what you want even if it worked. I'd really like to try smelting my own at some point.
  2. I'm taking a hammer making class with them Wednesday and I'll be out there on Saturday for the meetup also. It should be a lot of fun.
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