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  1. I had at one point an 83, 84, 86, and 88. And an old 81 "Corolla-Tercel".
  2. My old 84 Tercel 4wd Wagon was that way. Only time I had to rock it was when I got high-centered on an ice boulder while drift bashing. Oops! Oh how I loved that old girl. 62hp and 74 ft/lbs but I played with timing (ignition and valve) as well as porting and livened her up some. MAYBE 75hp haha... had more tickets in that thing... I still remember doing hill-runs in the mountains around home, burying the 85mph speedo then watching the tach, getting home and calculating speed from gear and final ratio and tire size haha... I had those solid front rotors glowing more than a few times. I don't advocate my youthful shenanigans by any means... but that old girl took it like a champ. Falling asleep behind the wheel and going unconcious high-speed off-roading did her in.... miss that old stinker.
  3. Only time I saw a SAAB V4 was in a Sonnet. Was in the scrap yard. I did always enjoy my dad's V4 Magna. Boy did that thing run for a stock bike. A lot of factory CCV systems will have the vent pre-turbo. Over the life of the turbo, the compressor tends to suffer. As stated, the droplets can cause slow erosion to the tips. These days most things I work on have redlines closer to 2200 haha
  4. 9000 is a xxxx of a redline for a 22R. Doable, but it takes some work. My buddy's is only good to 6500, but it pulls hard from 2600 on. Twin double barrel sidedrafts give it an extra bit of tonal character as well. I think they're 40mm choke Dellorto? Can't remember off-hand. Has pretty decent street manners as well.
  5. Looks kinda Mousey to me? A "buzzing and vibrating" sound can indicate delamination or cracking, yes. The extent of it can make a big difference as to whether it should just be used for a while or maybe try to hunt someone who can Gunther & Schuler Method it. That cut under the heel might compromise strength out back a bit, so maybe just avoid hitting real hard out over the end of the heel. That aside, there is still available edge on her.
  6. So no coalescing element, or that in addition to the centrifugal separator? Interesting! My home-brew breather systems for TDI's were ugly, but they caught the oil mist and vapor fairly well. Definitely slowed the process of intake runner fouling (soot from EGR + oil vapor) I figured too high might be damaging, I was never able to test for a sweet spot though. I figured you might reach a point where you start pulling the rings in hard enough to strip the surface film- wouldn't take long last that point. Most lay-people don't understand just how relatively inefficient the average internal combustion engine is. Every bit you can pick up makes such a big difference... thermally reflective ceramics in the right places, ultra-low-friction coatings in the right places, managing a balance of skirt height for stability and drag, what oil package.. heck, even balancing your valve train so your valves stay closed when you want but don't eat up excessive energy with poor geometry or excessive spring pressure.... Heck, it sounds like you have more practical experience than me- and then some!! Some of Toyota's 80's-early 00's engines were built crazy stout and take well to modifications. The same goes for some of the early VW TDI's to make it stateside. I thought I remembered a picture of your guage cluster from some thread and thinking it looked suspiciously Mk4-ish haha
  7. Nice. Crankcase vacuum can help with ring sealing, but I never played with it long enough to see the long term. Not not there is a long term in racing, but still. Funny how getting married, having kids young, and being sole earner in this day and age kind of delayed the hobby curve. I never got much into Saab or Volvo personally, but I played a little bit with VW and Toyota. Buddy has a hybrid 20/22R in his 79 Pickup. It's a fun ride, glad he took some of my advice on the build.
  8. Went to the Steephollow Forgeworks Combo-Demo today- full day of awesome. Snagged Mark's last drift and a nice pair of tongs off of him (all his tongs, heck, tools, are nice!) Yeah, my pritchels are a tad small hahaha Was a fantastic day!
  9. Cutting edges are tough, no doubt. Watch out for thickness, too thin and it'll be brittle enough to break out fairly easy.
  10. Indexing guard solves the problem. Some people just think they are invincible. And some companies still don't care enough about their people to enforce the regs. PPE and good practices go a long way.
  11. I still remember hours and hours of stories from my Pop about the Pacific Theatre. He fueled my interest in history, poured a lot into my ethics and morals, and loved my eagerness to listen when he was around. Miss him.
  12. Big bump-stick The 3rd lobe is for injector actuation
  13. I'd drive to see that. I thought it was cool to pass by Capulin and Sierra Grande on our way to CO in December. I hadn't realized just how volcanic NM's history was, let alone recent. What a big small world.
  14. I believe roughly 1.5 billion, maybe as young as 1.1 or old as 1.8. Granite from a scree pile near Quandry Peak. Had some schist from near my hometown that was supposed to be roughly a billion years old. Dunno what I did with it. Had some cool mica formations.