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  1. Thomas thank you for the info. My apologies for my newbie mistakes. I’m in North Carolina. I have attached photos of the bottom as you suggested. The 107 anvil weighs 112.6 on my home scale. The acme that has a damaged face is the one I was going to sell. It’s much heavier. I see in some of the post that some anvils have Trenton and Acme stamps. There is a partial diamond stamp above the Acme stamp. If you could suggest a fair price for the Acme it would be greatly appreciated. I have a buyer waiting for my asking price.
  2. Hello. I’m a newbie who has inherited two anvils. One I want to keep for jewelry making and the other I’d like to sell. I don’t know how to price and which to keep. Can anyone identify and estimate value for sale? Which one should I keep? Thanks!
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