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  1. I bought my 200lb peter wright with a large post vise and cobbler shoe making kit for $300 on ebay.
  2. I like that idea and with the pulleys... wish my garage wasnt full and I had a shop. I like the creativity I wish I had more of it.
  3. Thanks for all the info, and you guys are right i dont know thats why I asked. I have a 200lb peter wright so I am not in need of an anvil, I was looking to cut a 4-5in piece and weld a shank to it to make it a hardy tool kinda like a small swage block. My brother was wanting to cut it up into 8in. sections to make small anvils. I am not going to attemp to heat treat them, I am just going to cut them out with the torch. I am overjoyed with the amount of info you guys have provided me with, I like that you guys are conserned for my saftey and explain why I shouldnt do it. I will post pics whe
  4. Intresting ... mabey because the amount of mass it has ????
  5. My brother bought a 4ft section of small gauge rr track and we were wanting to cut it up into smaller sections with a torch. When I cut it with the torch I realize it is going to take some of the temper out of it. So should I quench the track in oil ? After I quench it what color should I temper it to ? We are wanting to make some anvils and hardy tools out of it.
  6. I am the same age as you and I find that most people are more than willing to help me out, I get alot of stuff for free because I am "young and have ambition" If you ask nicely most people will give you what you ask for or try to help you out. I got my forge from a freightliner dealer they just gave me the brake drum and wished me luck, same thing for my ash dump I went to a tractor repair facility and they gave me a new exhaust flap and asked for pics when I was done lol. I havent run into any rude or snobbish blacksmiths yet they all want to show me what they know and answer my questions,
  7. It took me a long time when I tried to light my first fire.. Lite a large paper fire in the forge over the air hole get all of your junk mail and set it ablaze make it big the bigger and hotter the easyer it is to start it .. when it gets nice and hot put a shovel full of coal on it make sure it is a mound coal burns in piles dont be stingy with the coal, and crank the blower ! When you see yellow/brownish smoke coming from the coal it is starting to catch.. keeep cranking and dont stop until you have flames shooting out from your pile of coal. I am laughing at myself because I was exactl
  8. I have found a few places but unless you are a buisness buying literally TONS of steel at a time. Where is a good place to buy steel at a good price, I know I can get rebar coil spring and leaf springs from the junk yard cheap but I would like to find a good supply of rouns stock, square stock and flat stock. What is a good price on steel per. lb when buying from a supplier?
  9. Intresting I like it, and thanks for the welcoming. I sold a pair of flat tongs to a guy just now so I am keeping the other ones I bought it paid for them.... I am sure I will find a use for them somewhere during my blacksmithing adventures. I like having a arsenal of tools ..... the woman hates it :P
  10. I will probably try to sell them, I had picked up a few tongs at the garge sale along with thoes so If i sell these they will pay for the ones I am keeping. But they are really a "one purpose" items so they may be hard to sell without repurposing them. But then againg for $5 I wouldnt have a problem keeping them. The valve compressor tongs seem like with a little tweaking they would make good rr spike tongs..... hmmmm a excuse to keep them lol. Its raining right now ... well see what tomorrow brings.
  11. Thanks... it was bothering me lol.
  12. I bought several tongs at a garage sale for $5 a piece and I cant figure out what these would be used for ? I looked on ebay and didnt see any like them.
  13. If you are a member you can get the clinker breaker e-mailed or a paper copy mailed to you.
  14. This is one of the few i have seen within reasonable distance but melbourne is a little too far for me to drive for a 100lb I want to go for it but my little inside voice tells me to hold out on it. My plate is full right now, and I need to invest in some steel I already have a anvil... I just didnt want to send him some ignorant offer like I have before with other pepole.
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