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  1. Just to add context, im showcasing my attempts at forge welding.
  2. I thought about this. Read on here that some people liked it and others that did not. Decided to not use it...thinking i'll try it tomorrow. With my last attempt at forge welding, i had used just a piece of 1/2" square stock. I cut it 3/4 through and then bent it over onto itself, making a faggot? Is that the right term? I read somewhere that its easier to learn to forge weld mild steel using 3/8ths to 1/2".
  3. well, im stumped. Made another attempt at forge welding mild steel today. and i dont know what im doing wrong. started today by looking on here, researching everything about forge welding as described. Even watched a few videos about forge welding. i made sure i had a clean forge. High pile (7") of coal cleaned my steel fresh flux on hand heated the face plate of the anvil because it's cold here in wisconsin. swapped normal hammer for a light hammer to ensure tapping heated steel on one side of the forge, and not over the center rotated steel to get even heat applied
  4. "Ahhh forge welding, you cruel mistress. You tantalize me with your awesomeness, Yet deny me your form." Thought id attempt a wrap eyed axe, because i want to learn how to make an axe. This quickly turned into "why can i not forge weld THAT spot" and "why is THAT burning?!", along with lots of curse words and what what not. Grumble grumble
  5. Thanks. Was a pain trying to get that narrow bend on it. Now i just need to fix the foot pedal
  6. Fixed. Works very well. Wish i had thought of this 3 days ago...
  7. Welll...i guess im buying some peanut oil tomorrow...
  8. Made an axe eye drift. Just some practice using mild steel to learn how it it works out. Pain in the butt. Needs cleanup, and truing of lines.
  9. Welp...it broke. but! I had a brilliant idea. I can take some round stock, grind a slot into the center of the matieral to create that area for the cable to run though, and then drill a hole through the center of the material.
  10. George: yup. Im getting it. I have a projects book, where i write out completed projects....only have 2 entries in it since i got it in july, as i havent finished any projects. Yeesh...
  11. Cuz Thomas asked I have a coal forge. Love it. Worked with a gas forge couple times, and im a bit iffy with it. Building my own scares the xxxx out of me, and i cant justify the cost of buying one. Anvil is a 120lb peddinghouse that is in desperate need of a grind job. I have a little belly in the center that is annoying me, and the edges are too rounded for a good cornering. I have a 2lb hammer that is my absoulte fav to work with. Got it in a estate sale and it just sat in the bottom of a bag for a couple years until i decided to try out handling a hammer. For presents.
  12. ollie hammer? or oliver hammer? Or treadle hammer? i forget It's got an 8lb sledge on it. My original hammer head was a 13lb, but it was really weirdly shaped and needs more work to make it usable. Just the couple times ive used it, i know i need to make the foot pedal longer because it forces me to be a bit unbalanced when i kick with my foot, and it's not allowing me to center my material when i hammer, allowing for mishits. But when it hits true, it really hits.
  13. Been on this website now for a few months, and was cruising through here when i came across this section. I had seen it before and at the time thought "i'll get to that in a bit" and then forgot about it. until today... So, The name's Adam, and I'm from Northeastern Wisconsin, near Green Bay. Been hammering for roughly 5 years, and pretty much self taught on everything. I have taken a couple of classes on blacksmithing, one where i learned how to make a bottle opener (which, to be honest, was kind of a let down, not because of what was taught, but because there was 5 people to an anvil, w
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