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  1. Ericsg

    Lining a forge?

    Thanks for all the help. I will post pics when I get it all done.
  2. Ericsg

    Lining a forge?

    This is the fire box. I know it dont fit the hole. I'm going to make a plate to make it fit. Or I have a farriers forge with about the same size hole.
  3. Ericsg

    Lining a forge?

    Theres supposed to be something in there?? Yes I have a fire pot. It is also cast.
  4. Ericsg

    Lining a forge?

    It was all broken up when I got home. But do i need to put new in or no?
  5. Ericsg

    Lining a forge?

    I just picked up a coal forge yesterday. Was wondering if I need to replace the refractory cement that's in the bottom?
  6. Ericsg

    Estate sale barn find…

    It's not pretty but it's in decent shape. Other than the fan it spins smooth. The 400 is the one I want a stand for. Or I would even consider a trade for a coal forge for both.
  7. Ericsg

    Estate sale barn find…

    Nice find!! I went to my first farm auction a couple weeks ago and got a champion 400 and a buffalo with the tube. Paid $70 for both. The champion works perfectly but no stand. The buffalo needs a new fan. Anyone interested in trading the buffalo for a stand??
  8. I'll give it a try and see how it goes. I was thinking if I had to I could weld something on it to hold it in the hardy hole.
  9. It is used for bending sheet metal. This is the upper die and there is a lower one that is v shaped. Different sizes for different thickness. I have no idea.
  10. Has anyone ever used a knife die for a hot cut tool?
  11. Ericsg

    What kind of hammer is this

    I got this a few years ago. I put a new handle on it but don't know what it was used for. I was told it is a rivit hammer. Any one have an idea??
  12. Howdy. My name is Eric. I'm from Michigan if you didn't get the reference to the thumb. I've been blacksmithing for about 5 years. I have 15 years of welding/fabrication experience. Most of it being either military or aerospace. If you have a question ask. I'm sure I have an answer. Whether it's right or what your looking for. Hard to tell.