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  1. If you know of any one looking for a set of forks send them my way.
  2. I was told that they make good blades. Axes and such.
  3. Sorry. Yes they are forklift forks. Don’t know too much about them yet. If I was told correctly they have been under a rack for 20 years or more. I haven’t looked too closely at them yet. Plan on bringing them home on Monday. I’ll do some checking and see what I find out and pass it along. Is there anything I should look for to help id them?
  4. Hi peeps. I got a set of Hilo forks. Was wondering if anyone knows what material they are normally made out of? What there good for? And if anyone would like a chunk.
  5. Its a wild hen Turkey. The cat didnt want anything to do with it.
  6. Ok. I think i got this now. So if i stay with the 8 inch the opening would have to be about 7x7. If i go to 12 inch the opening should be about 10x10. Looks like im buying some 6 inch pipe today. Thanks guys. Will let you know how it works.
  7. I light some paper and put in the box to start the draft. The pipe going up is about 7 feet and about 3 feet over the peak of the roof.
  8. Ok. So i made a box thats 12 inches square and about 48 inches long with an 8 inch pipe coming out the top end. I cut it down to about 36 inches. It helped some but not what all the other ones that ive seen are like. Is the box still to long? The end of the box at the fire box is square. Does it need to be at an angle? Is there a formula of size to length to hight to angle of sunlight coming threw the door? Getting very frustrated. Need some help!!
  9. This is the black cat of The Black Cat Forge. And there are 2 goldendoodles
  10. No. Ok. Lets find out. I can make it all square. Ill post pics when its done. Thanks.
  11. Does it have to be that long? Can you go shorter and smaller?
  12. Ya ive been debating doing that. I think thats how im going to do it. Less chance of a headache for some people also. Thanks
  13. Wasn't sure if this would work or not. Its what i have to work with. If i have to ill do something different but if it will work. Its 8 inch pipe going up. I have 6 inch on the roof. It sucked great with my farriers forge. But that was going straight up. Will this work and if so how?
  14. Dont know. Haven't seen it in person. Just pics. But they said there is nothing on it.