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  1. What were the dimensions of the stock you started with? Looks great.
  2. Would O-1 be suitable for a hatchet bit and what thickness steel would be best. 3/16 in. or would thicker be better?
  3. I have seen Jerry Darnell do this type of weld. If I remember correctly, he called it a "jump weld." He was welding very small hooks onto larger stock. Weld was initiated in the fire and then refined and shaped at the anvil. Good fire control and heat isolation are critical. He had no problems at all, however, it looked like a technique that should be practiced before trying on an actual piece.
  4. Has anyone ever used any type of wool cloth for micarta? I have an old army blanket and was wondering if this could be used to make a micarta that would be suitable for scales.
  5. You gotta put Jerry Darnell on this list.
  6. Hey Guys, Everyone who said it is for holding a hand saw and pruning shears is correct. I worked as an arborist (tree surgeon) for several years and climbed with a scabbard like this attached to the climbing saddle on most occasions. I have never seen one with a notch cut out of the end. It was most likely done by the owner, not the manufacturer. Bryan
  7. LRF

    Forged Copper Rings

    What kind of copper stock do you start with? Great looking work, by the way. Bryan
  8. Howdy and welcome!

  9. Thanks for looking, guys. The guy that I am learning from says making one good project is o.k. Making the next dozen look like the first one is the real test of your ability. I'll let you know.
  10. I have been learning to forge for about a year and a half. This is my first attempt at a colonial period adjustable candle stand. I am pleased with the finished product, but would like some more opinions. What do you think? Hi Jerry.
  11. Can anyone give me a quick guide to what grade steel is indicated by the color painted on the end? Red specifically. I can't find a good color code chart on the web.
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