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  1. Electric Fence charger that connects when the anvil is lifted? Bag of paint in the rafters? Loud Siren? Rabid weasels? Snakes? Or even, shudder, *Curmudgeons*!
  2. Have you made a curved cold chisel for use under the treadle hammer?
  3. I had my first anvil stolen back around 1982 in Oklahoma City. It was in the backyard and we were having roof work being done; a 7 layer tear off as I recall with the lowest layer being wooden shingles. So the yard was about knee deep in shingles and nails. 198# Cast Steel anvil in beautiful condition. I suspected the day labor crew doing the roof; but no way to prove it. With the price of anvils more than doubling; I expect more anvils will be stolen. Just remember here in the USA it is illegal to possibly fatally boobytrap an anvil.
  4. What was your ranking in that class? I hear it can be hard to drop...
  5. One reason I opted for a place just 5 miles from town instead of 50 miles from town. Of course any big box store purchase is still 50+ miles up the interstate. (This is also why I like to have backups for *everything*---including anvils over 400#...)
  6. No; I remember a book on the influence of geology on miracles; but it was relative recent one trying to explain a lot of "miracles" as due to earthquakes in the region. A bit much with manipulating the data to force conclusions; after all we all know all this stuff was due to Venus going past anyway---Immanuel Velikovsky said so! Most of my Geological dealings with the saints was with the rare appearances of St Pauli Girl and the more common interactions with St Cheap Beer or St Someone else is buying! Now I did have an Old Rasputin Sunday night...
  7. I think they used the term "Machete" to indicate it was a large blade NOT used for military uses. With the cutting edge straight and the curved edge being the back it would work better as a woodworking blade rather than a fighting blade. Do you know of any other pictures of the ax? In particular any details hidden by the gloved hand and the orientation of the edge to the tang. (I wonder if it was an adze...)
  8. I picked up a weedburner at the scrapyard last visit. I remember we used them to preheat large anvils before repair. That scrap run would have cost me more but I could do the math in my head and pointed out that he had charged me 30 UScents a pound and not 20! Only 12 pounds but it adds up! The other good find was a pipe clamp for woodworking/welding. A size smaller than my others but a 5' pipe on it. I think the real problem with the refills was that they didn't tell folks they were not getting a full fill so the "Full exchange tank" wasn't. When I get my tanks filled they go by the bleeder valve or by weight. (Depending on dealer). The cost goes by exact amount of propane used. I ran across one dealer that had a "set price" for a refill. Wouldn't use their service as I was often topping off tanks. Tanks sure go farther in the summer out here!
  9. Funny; they didn't cover Hagiography in my geology classes in college---or my computer science ones. This is all from my near random and voracious reading with lashings of my medieval research bleeding over. In this case I remember seeing an early renaissance painting of a leg replacement and recalled that a couple of Saints were reputed to work medical miracles, though they probably charged an arm and a leg. Google tossed up the names and a copy of the picture I remembered. John probably had to memorize all that stuff as he had a much more orthodox college background IIRC...
  10. My local propane dealer will just move the fill tube from bottle to bottle and charge me for the total gallons used when I bring in 4 or 5 bottles to fill up. MUCH cheaper than exchange places that historically shorted the gas too! (Was a class action suit about that IIRC).
  11. I use firebrick too for door on the front end of my forge. The back end has a hinged metal door lines with kaowool and faced with refractory ('cote 30). Firebricks at both ends would be fine.
  12. 10 inches long and 6 inches wide is a reasonable size for small beginner's project. If you put a pass through in the back of the forge you can do larger items as in general you don't need to heat more than you can work in one go!
  13. Beware the Spaniard with the mining pick or sticking tommy!
  14. Caplet most often is Trenton and IIRC weight on the front switched sides over time. Smoothness under the heel is indeterminate. I don't see the nice undulations but it's not nicely smooth. Not really a big thing as both Trenton and Arm and Hammer were top of the line makers!
  15. Even Identical Twins will have different hands due to differences in how they use them---a pianist's hands will differ from a smiths hands!
  16. Wouldn't it help to tell us how you want to use it? "I need to buy a vehicle; without telling you what it needs to do; please tell me if I need a ski boat, a 15 person van or a dump truck!"
  17. I have Sears Roebuck catalog reprints from 1897, 1905, 1908 and all of them have Farm Blacksmithing kits for sale in them under the Slogan: "Every Farmer Their Own Smith"; so I'd say that at least in America it was really a thing!
  18. Nicely done! The fluidity of the pieces give them a "real" look. I'm going to forward this to my Daughter the Veterinarian!
  19. The adaption of farm tools as weapons is common where farmers were not allowed to have weapons. In Europe things like the flail used for threshing wheat was used as a weapon as was the common axe.
  20. You mean you have never had them grip a roll of clay to make a model to work too? May date back to 0009 for all I know.
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