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  1. Okay thanks for the advice. I will upgrade my stack to a straight stack running through the roof with a diameter of 300mm. I will get back to you if it does not work. But please come with good advice because someone else might find it useful. Thanks again
  2. So what about a 16" smoke stack? is that too big or just right?. my forge is 640 x 670mm (25.2 x 26.4") I do realize that having a smokestack that is 24" is just too big, might as well just make a hole in the roof. But i still want to be absolutly sure that the smoke gets out of my workshop and does not hang around.
  3. I am planning to put the stack straight up through the roof anyway
  4. I have tried with the side panels just like you have said but it does not work. period. Now, i just took a screenshot of trenton tye and his forge and hood ( hope he or admins dont mind ). it's clear to see that he has no side panels but just the hood. maybe i'm not using my brain properly, but how come his work and mine don't?
  5. So i have a thread on my current smokestack and overhead hood : Trouble with overhead forge hood Check it out. The smokestack and hood are the same and yes glenn i have tried with foldable sides on the hood and it didn't work. and there is no obstructions near my smokestack at all and it is well clear of the peak. Opening doors does'nt help at all on the draft. I have plans to shove my chimney straight up through the roof which is why i am concerned about the size, because i dont want to waste more money on a shimney than i need to and i already have wasted some which is anoying, but thats just life and stupidity on my part. It is very frustrating all this because it worked in the previous workshop and now dont. The overhead hood does work and is not at fault and i can say that with some confidence because trenton tye from purgatoryironworks on youtube who also have an overhead hood which works. I appreciate all the help i can get here and i do try out most things that you guys tell me to. Now i have a slight thought in the back of my head telling me that my chimney does'nt work because there is no trees or buildings in the way. if that is true or not, i don't know, it's up to you guys. Thanks
  6. Hey all. I have a problem with my current stack which is 200mm (7") and 5.5 meters tall and it has worked before but after moving to a new workshop it does not. I gave gotten sick and tired of my workshop being full of smoke, so i have been thinking about going industrial size. I have 5 sheets of stainless 1mm thick and making the new stack either 640 or 560mm in diameter or 22 to 24" and 4.5 meters in total height. Is it too big or not? Its hard to find a proper answer.
  7. Hi. Someone asked me if i knew what this tong is used for and i dont know. It's a very special pair of tongs with three jaws from sweden. The middle jaw is apparently loose and there are many more in sweden in different sizes and shapes. The only thing i can think of is that it is used for forge welding or maybe some farriers work. Can anyone in here help me out?
  8. if it gets too low there is not going to be enough room for bigger workpieces. that is the whole reason for the overhead hood., but i have moved it a bit closer than on the pictures. from where i´m standing the front edge of the hood lines up with the back of the forge. my one concern is, maybe the hood has too much volume for traping the smoke instead of getting it out? could that be another issue?
  9. so, would it help if i cut the hood in half in height? you know, so its only half as tall or would it impact the performance in a negative way? everything else that you guys suggested has been apllied to the hood and it made a minor difference. if there is anything else then i would likelytry that as well.
  10. It is mostly closed off execpt for a small hole in the bottom
  11. Hi I have been using my forge with some changes made to the hood and smokestack. I put on the sidepanels as some of you suggested and i have reduced the opening in the bottom of my smokestack so the hole is about 80 mm instead of 200 mm. My hood still does not draw very well until the fire has been burning for an hour or two and if i put a little too much fresh coal on the fire ( a handful extra ) it smokes up my shop. Would it help if i reduced the height of my hood by 50% but keeping the width and depth intact, therefore decreasing the max volume of smoke that can be gathered in the hood?
  12. so here are the pictures of the stack and the hood. it is fairly big but i designed it that way because of future projects. the T-bend on the outside is for rainwater to pass through so it doesn't enter my forge ( past problem ) and it is so low to the ground it should not have an impact on the smoke. I have to point out that this size of smoke stack has worked before in my previous workshop, but i used the super sucker at that point. however the super sucker had to be quite close to the firepot restricting the sizes of my work pieces, which is the reason for the overhead hood. And the new workshop is quite big so there should be enough air to replace the exhaust. The new workshop is 18x9x3.6 meters
  13. Hello everyone. I am seeking some help with my forge hood. it's an overhead hood with the following dimensions : bottom = 840mm, top = 330mm, depth = 700mm. smokeStack is 200mm in diameter and about 5.9 meters tall sticking about 2-3 meters above the tip of my roof and it has two 90(ish) degree bends. the hood is 540mm above my forge. The problem is that the hood is not drawing very well and i am aware that side drafts are better but i thought that now that i have more space i could use an overhead hood with great success, but no, it does not work at all. not when it's cold nor when it's hot. if someone could help me, that would be great. thanks
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