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  1. I think the wired single might be the wedding band on a wire. I have another in my tackle box same as this blue one only silver just found it stashed away in a corner. Though both are on wires. I think I might remember when and where I swapped out hooks for my daughter now. Not sure if the package is the right one. Oh there were more than a few nice fish in the one lake. Thought for sure her rod was going to break or the line snap with the one that got away. I wonder if maybe that's why she was doing better than us, playing around with her rod here and there. It seemed like they hit as she was reeling in, more motion more noise ? might be getting closer
  2. Bought a trolling motor and took the youngest and my mother out fishing. Well the kids game was on. Every time her hook went in the water she was pulling something out. She landed a 14 1/2" trout and had another larger one nearly bend her rod back on itself. It was all she could do to reel it in and almost lift the rod... but it slipped the hook right next to the boat. Anyways my google fu is not strong tonight and not sure what search terms in need to use to try and find a few more of the lure that we had on the end of her line. I think it might be one of the two packages but I'm really not sure. We had lost a few hooks in weeds and submerged trees on a previous expedition.
  3. Whatever you did on the handles they turned out very nice.
  4. I was wondering about the Damascus pattern, though that is a minor thing indeed.
  5. You'll have to enlighten me as to what the flaws are in this knife. Looks like it turned out nice.
  6. Guess it comes down to which one suits your work better. They both look to be in pristine shape.
  7. May have to get one machined. Does look like a square cut single start thread though. Somewhere in the forums there was a few different ways to repair a box on a vise. May or may not help.
  8. That turned out rather nice. Wasn't really paying attention to words and looking at the picture and had thought you found it, not made it out of iron.
  9. I've seen a few Russian Roses others have done to make key fobs and such. Thought I'd give them a try... Kinda have the idea of how they go together... simple, but not as simple as they look. While sitting in my armchair vegging a letter opener with a rose on the end popped into my head. Have a ways to go to get anywhere close to perfecting but the concept is sound. And I don't think I've seen anyone else do them yet... But I'm thinking they would be nice on an office desk and have a practical side to.
  10. Drat, you beat me to it. Really neat stuff this guy does, and this may just about the best yet.
  11. I'll be thinking of you and Debbie Frosty. Hope things continue to go well
  12. Turned out Really nice. Pretty sure it's a whole lot better than my first one will turn out.
  13. Lots of great advice and deep ideas to ponder. I know for myself, the day job tends to make for a large amount of built up tension and stress. Takes a while to let it all fall away and just be me again. Some weekends are easier than others. With many redirects til the right task for the current frame of mind is found. Might be as simple as swamping out your shop space and having everything tidied up and walk away for a bit until the muse strikes.
  14. Looks like an easy fix. When you started off saying it was badly broken in half I was picturing a vertical crack someplace.
  15. Do you remember what make and year had the airplane as an ornament? Was it maybe even like this? Great uncle had this amongst his collection of tools and odds and ends. Always wondered what it had come off.
  16. Nice Butterfly, I think you nailed the shape and feel of it. Glad you found some inspiration from my work
  17. Try this again, first time disappeared... fold your stock back and forth on itself. Glue the loose ends together by your preferred method. Fold it all open like a Fredericks cross. Flatten and tweak to your satisfaction.
  18. how about making a block for your hardy that supports the shape of your stock same as in the Mark Aspery book. I have seen a video of a piece of 3-4" round notched to fit the stock for initial punching and then the guy has 2 parallel pieces of round stock on a plate to support the length of the head while drifting larger. In his video he's making ballpeen hammers
  19. Well the gates in place. The girls and Grandma posing with the gate.
  20. in the books section? there is a 1910 ? edition of a blacksmith book some where inside is all the steps to make the swivel. seen it in the farm blacksmith book as well I'd have to go digging to find proper titles. download an old blacksmithing manual or two and you'll be surprised at what you'll find
  21. Gote, not sure whether or not there is a lot of talent, at least for me. Mostly just a bunch of small pieces bodged together till it all looks right. More a matter of persistence.
  22. Jealous wife... but anyways Think I have things where they are all good. Paint wasn't playing as nice as I had wanted, but things are as close as they are going to get for now. Wanted a light dusting of silver on the dragonfly wings fading to the back edges but the silver ended up being an all or nothing paint. Mostly a matter of getting it over to Moms and mounted. Been a busy weekend. Sent a Friends wife off yesterday in the morning. Short but sweet service. Then hustle back and huddled under tents in the rain for a wedding. Had a strut to change in the minivan this morning so just enough time to get the last of the paint on before the clouds settled in again.
  23. Don't know Frosty, I think your one of the guys that's worth listening to. Anyways, think I'm done with it. Have a bunch of wire wheeling to do and brush on a bunch of paint. Just had to play with the yellow and orange to see if the effect I was after was going to work out. Think its pretty close. Push plate for the inside and a basket twist handle on the outside. Thinking that the SMITH will be in orange as well. The rest of the gate black. May paint the leaves if the green seems compatible. Would be the same green as the vise and stand. It will just be the simple strap hinges on the post for now. May upgrade that later.
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