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  1. Lovely execution. The buttcap detail is just right. Thanks Mike
  2. Is it a juried event? If it isn't then I wouldn't worry about if an English pattern anvil or post vise is correct. Now worrying about theft or damage is another thing.
  3. I have a cool rifle stand. The bottom is like a Shepard's hook so you can mount it in the ground. The top has two square holes. In each square hole sets an s hook horizontally. So it will hold two rifles. Thanks Mike
  4. Love hearing stories like this. When will people learn crime never pays.
  5. Do you use social media? Something besides you website. Instagram would be great. Takes time to build a following though.
  6. This is proven if you google both names. Hay Budden returns with way more hits.
  7. Thanks for all the sound advice. I already oiled and wire brushed them. That was the first thing I did when I got them home. My main interest is blade smithing. Although I would like to learn general smithing first to learn more. But I have been making knives going on three years now using stock removal. For the last 6 months I have been working with a gentleman learning how to forge knives. I recently found another local guy to teach me general blacksmith techniques. Anyways I really like the idea of keeping both. Like had been said both are in way better condition than I have been seeing locally. Plus I got a great deal from this guy because it was a buy it all or none type deal. On the other hand it would be nice to recoup some of my money. So following your adviceth is I got some other tools in the deal that I am gonna start selling first. Try them both out then make a decision. Thanks again Mike
  8. Two weeks ago I bought a collection of blacksmith tools. It came with two anvils. The first is a Hay Budden. The serial number dates it to 1910. It's probably between 150 to 175 pounds. The second is a peddinghaus. It's is stamped original PFP inside a box. This one is heavier. Probably closer to 200 pounds. I would love to keep both, but the reality check is to be financially responsible I should only need one. Which would you keep? Thanks in advance Mike
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