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  1. Maybe I should have read a little closer the first time... but the wings as the straps was what I pictured when you mentioned dragonfly hinges. Cool ideas to say the least Frosty.
  2. Boy that turned out nice. Don't think that knot half way down will weaken it any but it might be a blister point. Might be a little to nice to use, maybe you'd better sent it out this way to hang on the wall and look pretty
  3. Maybe when Mom switches properties with us I can start on the fence WIP Almost leaning towards strap hinges right now. Have lots of post to work with and might tie in better with the rest of the fence ( lazy and not wanting to move fence posts)
  4. Was contemplating a snail or maybe a small bird and a rolled up copper wire birds nest. I'll have to see. Wife figured stick an owl in someplace. Was thinking of basket twist on each side for handles. Might go with a push plate on the push side and a twist on the outside. Spring loaded to close. Not sure how ambitious I'm going to get with hinges. I know I should do something a little fancier than just standard heavy hinges. Anyways this is where it will be going .
  5. Dragonfly nearly done, bulrushes all in place. A few extra leaves added. The 'H' is going to be cut out and redone right. It's realy starting to bug me. A few adjustments on the one basket twist to match the other and sort out how they are going to be attached then onto clean up and paint.
  6. Weld a few leaves on the tree, forge out another bullrush leaf or two, a dragonfly some sort of handle and sort out some hinges. Pretty happy with the bottom left hand corner so far. Guess I better get back out there and keep moving forward.
  7. I'm not seeing many advantages forging with a titanium hammer. To get a comparable weight volume goes up. From what I have read here Ti tongs would be nice to play with though.
  8. Yeppers, it is a nice colour. Bought more than I needed when I built a frame for my large grindstone.
  9. Pretty sure we'll have a few more soon. Have an old Cat 200 buncher in need of undercarriage and a track loader might be coming due soon. I can set them to the side for you Daswulf.
  10. Thanks for the progression pics. Always nice to see how others break things down
  11. A sleepless night and a super hot day kind of robbed me of my mojo. Managed to get all the leaves I had made on and more or less bent into place. Forged another seven leaves to fill in a few spots that are short on foliage. Just one big hole down in the lower left hand corner that needs a bunch of TLC.
  12. LeeValley has those scissors. cheap, but cut very good.
  13. Finally used the old sprocket along with a piece of logging truck frame. Needed an outside grinding station. Already putting it to good use holding the gate.
  14. Turned out nice. Keeps drawing the eye round and round.
  15. Can't find some canvas and give it a wash in borax to make bag bellows? may loose a little efficiency to air loss but rather minor. Nothing says the bag bellows MUST be leather...
  16. I like it a LOT! The fuller down the handle just makes for a little icing on a beautiful tool.
  17. I would think there are a bunch of possibilities there. Loss to scale. What properties are you expecting to keep, loss of carbon or other alloys. temperatures worked whether you have over heated the steel far to much. I'm sure someone with a little more experience will be along shortly
  18. That's a darned nice looking knife! Bet the customer is pleased, even if your not.
  19. There was a guy nearby that was making stock removal knives from them, They buffed up something shiny. Seem to remember that they may have been 1095 or equivalent.
  20. Looks like a few of those holes are for adzes or mattocks. Very cool.
  21. Thanks guys! Just making it up as I go along...
  22. Slowly sneaking up on it. Not sure that I will have it done by June 7th, but we will see. Was hoping to be a little further along but had company for the long weekend and all sorts of rain. Need to check out the steel rack at work and see what there is for 1/8 x 1" strapping to simplify bullrush leaves. Otherwise start flattening a bunch of 1/2 round. Hmmm... looking at the one picture I may have to spread the 'M' a little wider.
  23. A couple of bicycle wheels and a piece of treaded rod. tie the rail to the axle near the balance point and wheel it out.
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