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  1. So I made my first pair of tongs so I don't have to use my Chanel-locks anymore. Used half inch rebar, not perfect but I think they will work for what I'm doing
  2. I think it is 4340 steel, or 300m aalloy. Not sure what all that means
  3. so yesterday i had the idea of making a connecting rode from a Subaru into a billet that i can work into something later but could not get the end that attaches to the crankshaft to fuse to itself ( have to weld it to itself due to is being in the shape of a C). i did not use flux, mainly because i do not know what to use for flux. any ideas on how i can do it without flux? is it even possible?
  4. Thanks, I'll definitely look into making a horn for it
  5. So I posted a while back asking about anvils and got a lot of helpful feed back and this is what I ended up being able to make. It is two 14" chunks of trolley track welded to itself to give more it more meat. I know it is not ideal but it worked OK once I got it held down
  6. I used pine bark and it seemed to work nicely, it got plenty hot to work a railroad spike and didn't just turn to ash super fast. What do you guys think about it?
  7. FYI there is an anvil coming up at an auction of a lumber mill in Kamiah, ID mid October.  They haven't posted a photo yet but it's mentioned on page 5 of the items. They tend to add photos later so a photo might show up in a week or two.  The last one of these I saw at auction of a lumber mill (lewiston) went for what I thought was quite high pricing--but it was a fairly big anvil and those bigger sizes make people drool a bit.

    Might be a bit far for you but just wanted to point it out so you had the option to decide for yourself.



  8. thank you very much now we have talked about where i might be able to get an anvil or how i might be able to make one, but what is a reasonable price?
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