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  1. I don't really give a xxxx what you do I don't like the smug xxxxxxxx folks around here anyways This persona posts are a great example of why we should not post when HIgh, it will come back and bite us sooner or later
  2. Wow I just got penalized for telling the truth and not being political correct and family friendly. Though I didn't start the fight oh well. kind of funny. Mod34 your blade did not make the cut,Please turn in your weapon and leave the forge. Knock it off, you are on very thin ice
  3. Thanks for the replies, One thing I was wondering was if Didymium lenses used by the glass blowing industry was th e same as cutting torch goggles. I mean why pay 50 dollars or more for just common welder goggles. I use a quick change hood and I did do some welding when the flashed occurred but I"m not sure if it was from welding or from starring into the forge. I may need to lose the quick change welding hood and go with an old school hood.
  4. Hey I apologize and I'm through arguing the matter. It's not just rail road spikes it's people's smug attitude and it happens everyday all over the world and my little rant ain't gonna make it stop lol. No that's not my work but I'm leaning in that direction except not with rail road spikes. My point in posting that picture is that there are people who do think that rail road spikes are worth putting that sort of time into it.
  5. There are people that would disagree with your assessment. And ebay is full of custom makers selling rail road spike knives and some quite elaborate and selling between 60 dollars to over a 100 dollars apiece and they put a ton of time into them making them look that great.. A rail road spike can be tempered to hold an edge unlike mild steel. But I agree a much better steel would be a leaf or coil spring. Maybe it's just a spirit of offense that comes over me that I feel the need to start a fight with every xxxxxxxx that wants to point out the obvious. In this case I apologize, It
  6. I don't know why folks on here feel the need to be captain obvious and put down the carbon content in Rail road spikes knives Why do I make them? because I ran into a deal and picked up a bunch of them. What else am I suppose to do with them. Is it the best steel to make knives? Of course not. But as soon as somebody says they are making rail road spike knives or a rail road track anvil somebody always has to put it down and start talking about why it's inferior. Why do you people do this? All your criticism isn't gonna stop other people from doing these sort of things. You do
  7. You probably in the future will want to post in the knife making section of this forum. Well once you heat carbon steel it anneals it making the harden atoms in the steel loosen up a bit from what I understand. You can soften a high carbon steel like a file this way. but when you heat and then quench a steel it slams those molecules tightly together. Sometimes they get slammed too hard together as in a water quench,and it creates stress fractures in the steel. Why I always use oil. Lately I've been making rail road spike knives and I heat them to where the blades are non magnetic then qu
  8. I've been running my little forge a lot lately and over 25 years I've been a welder and I've always have taken good care of my eyes but still occasionally I sometimes do get flash burned. This last time I wasn't doing any welding but I was running the forge quite a bit and I have to look into the forge make sure I'm not cooking the metal. But the reason I'm starting this thread is I was wondering if Plasma torch glasses were sufficient to prevent flash burn from the forge or is there something better. I've been reading a little bit about Didymium lenses and I wonder if anybody has any exp
  9. It's always great to root for the underdog and sometimes they pulled it off I'm thinking of this young man that won and while he worked in a barn but still he had some serious gear off inside that Hay barn Yet he was going against a master bladesmith and still got the victory. There was one guy who's name shall go unmentioned but was kind of arrogant and when they were sent back to their home forge was saying crap like "He's in my world now". And it was hilarious watching him lose. It look like he was about to cry and just couldn't believe that the poor man working out of the garage could
  10. 10 thousand dollars is quite a bit of change. Yet I've seen very few folks from youtube actually enter it and I consider them both expert blacksmiths and yet one made it to the finals and the other had a blade failed. But I wonder if some people are are avoiding going on the show because it may ruin their reputation if they don't make a good showing.' One reason I wouldn't do it is because of lack of knowledge and my crappy shop. The man that usually wins has a bridgeport mill,lathe ect.. and he's gonna make a nicer weapon that anything I could make. Not always though I've seen excellent
  11. ah their popular for sure. I guess if you can sell it then that's what really matters. But I'd have a problem with selling them then having customers come back complaining about it not holding an edge. That's kind of why I'm reluctant to starting putting these things up on Ebay. One thing that's kind of difficult for me to do is I'm wanting to make small tommy hawks and on an Bill Epps webpage he talks about upsetting the spikes down to 1" diameter and 3" inches to length before he punches the eyehole for the handle. But one thing when I try this the spike wants to get all squirrelly bend
  12. The fisher is my baby ,it's a fine anvil and I do most of my work on it. I was just kicking the ideal around because I sometimes need to do some serious pounding. If you look at my home made swage block page I threw a picture of the tire hammer that I built and it uses a rail road track anvil and it so far has held up to some serious use. By the way the swage block worked out really great. If a 100 pound anvil is all that you need than why do they make bigger anvils.. Because their needed for heavier work. If you break the heel or the horn and it does happen who fault is that? My whole th
  13. Not sure what that is so I wouldn't know. But I agree that a coil spring is much better material for a knife. In fact I'm gonna make some chisels out of a coil spring here in a few days. I see the rail road spike as an ornament knife. Cool as a conversation piece but not my first choice as a camping knife.That said I am able to get a razor sharp edge on these knifes. Just how long would it keep an edge is the question. If you wanted to improve It I'd say forge weld a piece of carbon steel in the blade section.
  14. I have a hundred pound fisher but I'm kind of wanting a bigger anvil and I have some rail road track. But I'm thinking about putting three pieces side by side to make one big surface and instead of building up the webbing with only plates. I might do like I did on the swage block and fill up the underneath cavities with molten aluminum. That would be better than concrete. I totally agree with taking something like a piece of rail and turning it up on the end. A piece of fork lift blade works good too. I think I could probably use hard surface welding rods on the anvil face of the three
  15. I've been making a lot of rail road spike knives lately, I'm also playing with the ideal of putting turquoise stones off inside them as well In this picture I just glued em on and it kind of looks like crap But yeah I use wood,charcoal and regular coal and all three work fine in fact you really have to watch it because if left too long in the fire it will quickly burn the steel up real fast and that's a problem with the thinner tip. For tempering I've been heating them up to where they are non magnetic and then quenching in oil and most the time I'll do a file check and while most pass the tes
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