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  1. Welcome to the fourm. Go to the forge section ago into the solid fuel section and look up JABOD or fifty five forge. Both very easy to make.
  2. Google metal recycling in AUSTIN TEXAS then pick up the phone and see if any of them deal with the public.
  3. Always tell my knife students one of the hardest things to do is make you right and left hand work in mirror image with your left and right hand when grinding knife blades.
  4. Made my first ladles over the hardy hole and step of my anvil. Made some on a wooden stump with a depression carved out. Make a round ring , end of piece of pipe with the inside rounded so it doesn't leave cut marks . Hitch pins and trailer balls make good sinking tools . Plus you can use the Hitch pins and trailer balls to planish over.
  5. A grocery store carry out cart is my mig welder cart. A press for old time formic a glue taken apart and made into two work benches 30 inches wide and10 foot long. Each table weighs around 350 pounds.
  6. Look up Blacksmith Association of Missouri . And Kansas Custom Knife Makers Association. Both should have someone in your area.
  7. Chris John has some beautiful examples of hammer and chisel work posted in the axes,hatchets, hawks section.
  8. My Bader B3 has been running fine for 15 years plus . They are very easy to change from small wheel, flat platen, or large wheel.
  9. Why don't you make up a small billet and weld it up then grind a bevel on one end and etch it . Then you can see what it contrast it has.
  10. Great explainiation on steps than the photos to show how . Appreciate you taking the time to show us your method.
  11. Tried to forge a rose a different way than I have made them. Just about got it done an two petals went thunk. Not a failure but a learning experience.
  12. The end grain picture looks just like the steel I have had red short. The cracks in the end of the bar are just starting to crumble. First time you do it makes you say what just happened . JPH'S first book has a section that tells which steels are red short.
  13. tdaleh

    Camp Knife

    Google knife supplies. Should bring up all kinds places to look for handle material.
  14. Wasn't there a video of someone making shovels out of railroad track on here and while back.
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