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  1. The face is level in all directions. Dropped in with silicone. The 3”x4” 1 1/2” plate is a piece of 4140. There is no rock or wobble. The noise is mild. I ve forged on a few Hey Buddens and I don’t think they were that level at the face as well?
  2. Silicone WILL be applied! I’m n the beginning all I asked was “ to weld to the foot or not?” I got million option response, I think it’s great!
  3. Ok. What I’m going to do is shim one side with a 1/8” angle iron and the other side with 1/4” angle iron. It brings me to level. I brace the back of the anvil, and create a drop in.
  4. Thank Gents! I will build off the plate and frame the foot accordingly, adhere with silicone and bolt down the PW to the plate. I will not mig on to the anvil foot.
  5. Yes sir, I’ll take the photos tomorrow, I’ve done all degree( including Turing the level 45 degree turns) level test, floor, stand and anvil. I’m pretty sure it’s in the foot. The photos will be up some time tomorrow. Thanks for everybody’s time! Much appreciated!
  6. I’m using quarter inch square tubing for legs cut at a 12 degree angle. The pads I will be using is 1/2 inch plate. The top plate that the anvil will sit on 1-1/8” solid plate. When I place a level on the top plate , it’s spot on level in all directions. No wobble. The anvil on the other hand wobbles on the plate, on the cement pad, on any Level Plain. The foot of the anvil is not level. It’s out closer to 5/16 of an inch horn side low. Can I build with a Mig on the bottom of the foot of the anvil, and grind down to level? Then silicone the anvil when all is true, plain, and level?
  7. Thanks Jim for the reply. I hadn’t welded the pads on yet. What do I do about wobble in the anvil? Again the anvil fool is not level? Thanks Freddie
  8. Hello everyone! I have a 196lb Peter Wright. Started to build a three leg stand. The stand is level. Placed the PW on top and noticed it was close to a half inch off towards the horn. Turned the anvil up side down and the four corners are not level as well. Do I shim between the stand? Build on anvil foot with MIG? Suggestions? Thanks
  9. What would happen if you used a 1 1/4" T reduce to 3/4" (@8" length) with a 1 1/4" flare? And a .30 mig tip? 285 cubic inch chamber. I know it's a silly question just curious.
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