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  1. Found this over the weekend. It appears to be a Lakeside, although the logo on the side looks a little different from what I've seen in other pics on the internet. Any ideas on the age? Is it a Trenton? Is the upturned horn normal? Other than that, it seems to be in great shape with a really flat and lively face
  2. Here's my forge- This will be my next thing to upgrade if I can get a dedicated place for one. As it stands now, I gotta drag everything out to start-and drag everything back when I'm done. But for now that's OK
  3. Here's a lil bit (not including a couple giveaways and throwaways)
  4. That explains a lot of marks on the PW. Apparently it was THE test piece for punches and chisels wherever it made its home before I got it. There are marks all over the body-both sides-to the point that "wright" and "patent" and a little bit of the top half of the circle can be seen. I thought it may have just been abused, or used as a target...and maybe it was. I have just been fighting off the urge to take a 4.5" grinder to ever since I got it. In response to smithing, I have actually done very little. Like most everyone else, gotta work for a living. As I mentioned in my first post, I have been trying to locate tools, make tools, research tools, etc..and just finished the anvil stand for the JHM. Also made the famous "brake drum" forge...I really enjoy it (what little smithing I've done) and I've really enjoyed making tools/equipment to this point. I'll post a few pics of some work in a bit-as I seem to not be able to post pics from my phone. They are the typical beginner projects such as RR spike tools and bottle openers.. Again-it's great to meet you guys!
  5. With all the stuff on here, I fully expect it may already been discussed somewhere already
  6. The PW is pretty good shape on the face (just the slightest hint of saddle and several chips on the far edge). However, the table and horn are fairly worn in multiple places. So here's my question I alluded to earlier, would it be "disgraceful" for me to true up the horn and remove a few flat spots, etc? It's one of things where you just don't know how much material needs removed until you start. You're absolutely right on the shiny anvil-it's a farrier...but it's great to have something "smooth"
  7. I'll see if these pics posts... I have question concerning my 1-1-0 PW
  8. Hello all- Great site! After gleaning much information from everyone on here, I decided to finally "sign in", lol. I have been slowly drifting into blacksmithing as a hobbyist for close to two years now, and I can say that I have many more hours in collecting tools and info, and making tools and accessories-than in using any of them. To me, that's a good deal of the fun of it. When I get a lil more used to using this site, I'll post some pictures of some of my equipment. I have a couple anvils, with most of my tools being homemade. Sites like this have been an invaluable source for me, so thanks to all who share info and post pictures! BTW, it appears that I should never have been ashamed of my RR anvil-looks like almost everyone started there!