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  1. Go here to see pictures. I guess I have bought it. Mule
  2. What do y'all think of the Cavalry Anvil by NC Tool co.? Mule
  3. Thanks y'all. When I started this thread I had no idea I was going to be using this as a reference to pull clips. I have decided to make at least one heart shaped trivet out of a horseshoe. I pondered on it till I had it planned out in my mind except for the three little feet to keep it off of the cabinet. I got this notification of a new post and that was it. I'll pull three clips and then use a file to make them good and smooth so as to not scratch the cabinet. THANKS.
  4. Thanks, y'all. I now have more suggestions than I can handle. Mule
  5. I would like to make a small ladle to use over an open fire to melt lead and pour into a tong type single ball mold. I do not have a swage block with round dished impressions. Do y'all have any suggestions for forming the ladle? What I am after is in this video starting at 1.06. I have 2 ball molds of this type. My thought is to use a rounding hammer over the desired ladle size pipe. Thanks fer any help Mule
  6. I've seen many clips made, but not by using the clip horn. This was a first for me. Thanks, George, for the video. Mule
  7. Thanks to Frosty and Frank Turley. I am sorry but at this point, I wish I had never posted. I did not ask, nor do I care, who made the first one. Mule
  8. What is the purpose of a clip horn? How does it work? Does anyone have a link to the clip horn being used? I've searched and searched but can't find a video. I can find several videos on forming a clip, bt none using the clip horn. Thanks Mule
  9. I've never dreamed of searching in U.S. Patents. Never thought of Sears and Roebuck either. I thought of "I Forge Iron". I received my copy of "Anvils in America" yesterdy so I did look in it. It sure looks like mine. Thanks, Y'all. Mule
  10. I have had this fer many many years. I think my stepmother gave it to me as a Christmas gift. She was an Antique Dealer and fer years my standard Christmas gift was an Antique hand tool. It has "Pat. Jan.5, 1897 No.1" in raised letters on it. No other information. It weighs 19 lbs. It appears to have been designed to clamp round objects as well as flat. I'm trying to figger out who made it and maybe find an image of a complete Anvil/Vise. Maybe I should of did some measuring before I posted this. I'll do that later today. Oh, the hole in the top is square, although it has been treated rough around the top of the hole. Also, there are no holes in the base for mounting to a flat surface.
  11. Thanks fer the test instructions. I'll be checkin it out tomorrow.
  12. Best I can tell it lacks 4 in. reachin my elbow. It is 37.5 in. from the ground to the top of the anvil. The stump is 24 in. tall. The pad is 2 in. tall. The anvil is 11.5 in. tall. It will be inside a quonset building, on a concrete floor, eventually, but it will still be wet on days like today. I am not too concerned about the surface rust. I have a small gas forge, made from a propane bottle, but my next step is to build, or buy, a coal forge. The smoke hood and flue through the roof is my concern. I think I'll have to add a fan to be able to keep the start-up smoke from filling the building. But, this will be another post. Mule
  13. Well, it is very humid this mornin but here are some pictures here at my place. The other pictures were taken by the friend who found it and brought it to me. He also gave me the block of oak, well we actually did a little trading on the stand. He saturated the block of oak with polyurethane. The stump is taller (27in) than most folks would have it, but my lower back won't let me do much bending over.
  14. I wish there was a way to acknowledge that I have read a post without typing a response. But, since they ain't no such option I say I sure do preciate the responses to my posts. Mule