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Vice stand


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Great stand.
Base is filled with concrete? Looks very stable.
I like your punch holder also, simple and portable.
The green item in the background looks to use the wheels too?
Always enjoy viewing your work, anything in the works?


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Pascalou; Thank You.
This is very timely post for me. :)
I have been scratching my head trying to design a vice stand that was heavy enough, but portable.
Your information solved the issue.
I am going make a vice stand just like yours.
Again, Thank You.
Ted Throckmorton

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How handy the vise stand thread comes up now. I just finished a folding vise stand I started before my last surgery took me out of action for a while.

I added a couple chachkas to hold hardy tools, hammers and my twisting wrench. There's a 3/4"+ lip around the plate behind the vise so I can lay tools on it and keep them handy.

It has one coat of paint, will get another and a little gold trim to match the vise, my shop colors are green and gold.



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I agree, it's really nice to have a "real" vise along when you go a visitin. There's already a thread about folding vise stands but I tagged my pic on this one when it came up again so conveniently. Yeah, I'm basically pretty lazy. ;)


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very nice vice Frosty
I invite you for painter at home. :D
Painting it is really not my trick
P.L :)

Thank you Pascalou. :)

You might want to rethink that invitation. If you haven't noticed I didn't send a close up of the paint job. :rolleyes:

A little more paint and the stand will be finished and I'll send a pic of the finished thing. no close ups though.

While I was installing the final little doo dads like hammer and tool holders, hangers, etc. it occurred to me I'd like one that fit the trailer hitch receiver on my pickup truck or the SUV. That'd be really handy as I usually have the pickup parked behind me when I do out door demos. Makes a great stock rack, bench, seat and lunch box storage.

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Here a vice stand.
is an alternative of the system of displacement of the anvil stand of " markb". weight: approximately 130 kg
A+ P.L

Very Nice. I have a leg vice permanently installed in front of my anvil and I recently picked up another at a garage sale (for next to nothing). I was debating on where/how to mount it, but this gives me a new perspective on this. So, how much do you think your setup weighs? Also, is it stable enough to do some serious twisting, etc?

I really envision the second vice "helping" the primary by holding long work pieces, etc., but I'm still mulling this over in my mind...Any ideas would be appreciated....
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My demo vices are of two types: the forst is a 55 (US) gallon drum with the end removed and a piece of 2x12 cut to fit the inside curve and lagged into the top to mount the vise too. Add water and you have 400+ pounds holding the vice in place. take out the lower bung on the side and the water goes away leaving the barrel very light. Site owners seem to like having the "fire suppressant" to hand as well. I also use a foot plate that spikes into the ground to hold the foot in place.

The second is a lot easier to haul around and not as "visible" as the barrel. I toke some 1/2" stock and curved and flattened the ends to match the vice mounting bracket and then bent it downward, where it intersects the ground I bent it outward slightly to give it a foot and then tapered the end into a spike to hold it in place. Not as sturdy as the drum method. But I'm usually not working heavy stock at demos. Tent stakes to hold the feet down help in sandy soil.

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A friend of mine made this portable vise/stand. It's not real heavy but it is handy when you need a portable.

I made one similar but smaller and without the wheels. It's heavy enough to be usable for light work and light enough that I can move it around the shop pretty readily. One fixed vise is not enough.


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