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  1. Avoid the noise from the bar of the vice....put an O-ring ( it worts ! ) .
  2. Moody. ..a client or your boss rotten your live.....you rock out ! made a xxxx poker ( it can be used only for coal )
  3. No cry......some "proto" and I keep the less ugly
  4. Why not a pretty woman ? model created by Phil.....( a friend )
  5. http://www.musees-des-techniques.org/Territoire_de_Belfort_90_/Les_musees/forge_musee-AABA.html?langue=FRA http://mopo3.com/ http://www.museecompagnonnage.fr/ and other...good stay in the first link :look rather " taillanderie " ( in the Douds )
  6. Hello Froty , you are on a track .....I like that name " Beeriken " Jeremy K a message for you . PL
  7. Hello ! For the fun and the .......fun to drink with...four pirates ? or slingshot for little rascal ? PL
  8. well seen S J S details:( french anvil ) thank you Charles R Stevens Pascal
  9. Hello easy to build , this simple tool makes many services . Pascal
  10. pascalou

    P7010182 2

    I like what you do P L
  11. pascalou


    hermosa realización muy limpio ¡Felicidades
  12. pascalou

    finished school gate

    this is the first time , I see a welcoming scool door ! travail remarquable
  13. it too easy this time .... there is one clamp .....? (lol) (excellent work as usual ) P L
  14. Remarkable work pro Chuck ! Pascal
  15. pascalou

    railing clamps

    53.... this is my last word Jeremy
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