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  1. I helped my youngest son through this one. If I remember correctly the tin can deal is one of several options available. We stuck to the forged work. He made a simple sconce and an "S" hook with a twist. Maybe something else, it's been a good while.The down side was none of the other boys were interested, I would have thought all kids like to play with fire and mash stuff. ;)
  2. Good deal Mike. I have something similar coming up in May at the tiny little local history museum in our town. Except I dont have to talk. Some photos of bigger projects, several small pieces that are easy to display, etc. Will be there for a month.
  3. A great piece of work. Very nice. Your son sounds like a fine individual. My track record is 15 years Volunteer fire service, 32 years nuclear industrial security.
  4. I know that this will run contrary to popular opinion. I run my pedestal grinder with no guards on or around the wheels. Simply a matter of personal preference. I grew up in an orthopedic shop where there were no guards due to the necessity of grinding long pieces of bar stock, and it just suits my methods to continue. Knock on wood-no serious accidents in all these years. Your mileage may vary. ;)
  5. http://www.elliscustomknifeworks.com/ has Insboard for sale in different sizes. Pretty good stuff and nice folks to deal with.
  6. My elbow suddenly went bad on me a couple of years ago. After several months of all the home remedies and 2 injections for tendonitis they finally did an MRI and discovered that the tendon in question was torn loose over 50%. After a very painful surgery and another 90 days out of the shop I was finally back at the anvil. Wearing the padded strap and being very careful.
  7. Check with Bob Cruickshank of the Southern Ohio Forge & Anvil Group about firepots. I imagine you can contact him indirectly through the www.sofasounds.com website. Bob is currently providing the heavy cast fire pots for that crew. Two different sizes and shapes I believe.
  8. Nice looking site. Where in Lexington are you located, as I visit there fairly often.
  9. Registration sent in and hotel room reserved. :)
  10. My grandfather was an old time carpenter and as a fairly young man he lost his right thumb to a table saw. Rather than learn to hammer left handed, he opted to hold his hammer between his right index and middle fingers. It worked for him, one hit to set a framing nail and one more to drive it home. He did this for many many years. Dad always said that "if the old man could get those two fingers around your neck he could probably pinch your head off". :)
  11. You need to be careful and see a good orthopedic Dr.. I went to my Doc with what I thought was tendonitis, he gave me a shot & it did no good. Went to my orthopedic surgeon a month or so later and he gave me another shot in a slightly different spot & it did no good. Finally had an MRI and it showed that the tendon was torn over 50%. Had to have it surgically reattatched & wait another 3 months before I could use a hammer again.
  12. I dont do knives. That being said, I have been very satisfied with my Grizzly belt grinder for general purpose work.
  13. I bought the single burner one a couple of years ago at Quad State. Great folks to deal with. If I ever need another, it will be the wide mouth model.
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