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  1. Where do you get your leather for building a bellows or to repair a bellows you already have?
  2. Happy Birthday. Hope you make it back on here.

  3. Where and how do you find these auctions? IS Dave Ramsey a Nationally Syndicated radio show?
  4. I have used the yellow pages 3 times now in the last 2 months for different things. I tend to agree that it is sooooooo easy to scan the yellow pages than to search page by page by page of a computer that if you don't type in the right parameters you may not find something that they do carry. Technology can be a double edged sword in some ways. But I do agree about getting yourself out there in as many ways as is possible, Like Google Maps, Facebook, YouTube, Your own Web Site, etc.
  5. This gives me much to think about. I am NOT business saavy, and with all I am reading I don't know if I'm more confused now than when I started reading. I know I want to be a one mane show with my own fab shop doing architectual work (Gates, Railings, Window and Door Grates/Covers, etc. I am a welder. A huge shop? Probably not too big. I am assuming anything that is a consumable is overhead? Or would welding rods be construction materials that are tax exempt? Are there people you can hire to find this information out? I don't want the government shutting me down because I don't understand business before I even get started.
  6. So how do you (the business owner), choose the correct "professional" that will look out for your (the business owners) best interest? Because the reality is a lot of good people get screwed for no good reason. I agree it is better to know the "reality" end, so you are not sitting there with your mouth open catching flies.
  7. So how do you avoid the audits and what is the expected "pattern"? A loss is a loss. You can't have a viable business if you don't have the tools to ply your trade.
  8. Overhead. What exactly is overhead? How does it work and what should I expect it to be. I understand all shops are different, but there should be an expected similarity in similar types of business. Thanks for your help and insight.
  9. Hi Grant. Could you perhaps elaborate a bit on this? I have heard it said many many times now, that you should NEVER turn down jobs, as it helps you stay afloat during down times and that people will go elsewhere. However I'm primarily interested as to the price for work correlation.
  10. I too am wanting to go pro. I am 44 years old. wish I had it all to do over and know then what I know now. My skills: 2 years college in Aviation Maintenance and earned an AAS degree. 9 months of tech school to get certified in stick, mig, and tig welding. these two schools are the only things that I look back on in life that were smart choices in my life. Hind sight "IS" 20/20 don't let anyone kid ya. It would behoove you to go to school now while you are both young and free to do so. School may sound like a drag or out of reach or not the right path??? Don't dilude yourself. I wish I had done it all way back when. Now I have a mortgage, 2 car payments, rent, a wife and no realistic time to pick up, leave, go to school and "live the dream". You seriously don't want to kick yourself in the butt later in life and remember that they "told you so". So now I find blacksmithing at age 42. Not the easiest of crafts, but my technical background helps considerably. I understand a lot of concepts easier because of it. So I have been regularly attending local smith meetings and trying to learn who is who in this craft, watch as many pro's demonstrate as possible and try my hand at them myself afterwards, and make as many connections as is possible. Don't waste your talent, enthusiasm, or your age. Learn now, work later. The money will come better if you do it in that order. I think the biggest problem with most humans is that we want it now, not later. Sorry for the ramble. Jeff Bly
  11. Hey Jeff, Aside from the Tidewater Blacksmith Guild there is also the Old Dominion blacksmiths. Look at the bottom of the main page here to see a list of some of the groups.

  12. Hi all. I want to formally introduce myself. My name is Jeffrey Bly. I'm originally from Albany, NY and have relocated to the Richmond, VA area. I have be tinkering in smithing for 2 or 3 years now and want to go pro. I have been to a couple of the BGVA meetings now and plan to attend monthly. So if you see me there, please introduce yourselves to me as I'm looking to jump in with both feet and get to know all of you in the area that I can. I have plans to start my own business and need all the guidance and encouragement I can get. I'm sure I'm in the right place. Thanks.
  13. Just wanted to let all the longer running members know that I am back and have moved to Richmond Virginia. Howdy!!!
  14. Very nicely done Brian. It gives me a few ideas.
  15. Too rich for anyone sensible enough to know better.
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