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  1. Nice job on the stand. I like your bent bolt attachment idea. It seems like there's no easy method to attach an anvil... you always need to get creative.
  2. So I have the plans to build a Ray Clontz tire hammer and have started collecting parts for it, but I'm concerned because I don't have a concrete floor in my shop yet... Should I wait until the concrete is done before I finish the build? My brother lives next door and has a JD240 skid steer so that would help with moving it, but I'm concerned that I won't be able to even use it without a concrete floor. Is that true? I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to pour my floor, but I've been working without one for a while now. Yes... I'm a caveman.
  3. Interested in the build. I have the plans as well and am hoping to start my project soon!
  4. Looks very nice! Do you think the curved edge is better than a straight edge?
  5. Yeah, that's the one thing I wish was changed. I was going to extend it, but remembered it did work well enough on my other forge so I just left it for now.
  6. This one (and mine) is made from 1/4" steel and here's what he has to say about the thickness: "I made the fire pot. It is welded up out of quarter inch plate, thinner than what you see on some sites on the web, but I haven't had any issues with it. When forge welding all day, like at a forge welding class, it does get hot enough to glow dull red if the lights are low enough to see the glow."
  7. I know alot of people make them out of 1/2". This guy uses them and sells them on eBay and it looks like they're pretty popular: <Commercial link removed per TOS>
  8. Well I recently finished up my third forge and thought I'd share the build with you all as I think it turned out pretty well. Sorry about all the pics, but everybody like pics right!?!? Back in about 2007, I built a real nice propane gas forge for my very first forge, and while it worked well, I quickly realized that I needed something that could handle a wider piece. So about a year later, I ended up making a simple coal forge from a wheelbarrow tub and a clothes dryer blower. I figured I'd make something simple, quick and cheap... then when I get more experience and could figure out exac
  9. Here's my 151 pound Peter Wright on a stand I made a while ago. I can store my hardy tools underneath.
  10. I also have an outdoor wood burner and use charcoal from it for my forge. Don't get a whole lot, but definitely enough to save!
  11. Good job, I like the adjustable feet too!
  12. Great job! Where did you get the spheres? Or did you make them..?
  13. Welcome from Hudson Wisconsin!:)
  14. Hope all goes well Frosty... Our thoughts and prayers go out to you...
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