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Sucker Rod???

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My cousin just gave me about 750+ yards of sucker rod (cut down to about 16' lengths) from a drilling company he works with. I'm just curious as to what some of my fellow smiths have made with sucker rod. I plan on making some punches and other tooling, as well as try using some for hooks and...:confused:
Any ideas would be welcome.
So show me what you've made with sucker rod and give me some ideas... I've got the steel, now I need to figure out what to do with it :cool:

Thanks everyone

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I used a section of it for the handle of a warhammer; it was the male end and I flattened the section just behind the fillet to make the tang and then squared the rod above the fillet and twisted it to make the handle and heat shrunk the hammer head on it.

I also use the male joint ends to make hardy tooling with for my anvils where I can forge it down to fit in the hardy.

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What is sucker rod?

This link gives specs for one brand of sucker rod. In the picture shown you are looking at the male end of the rod. This link was shared by IFI member Irnsrgn, one night in the chat room, that I bookmarked. So Thanks Irnsrgn.

To answer your question, It is used link the above ground mechanical pump rig to the underground pump unit. This pumps are used to pump oil and etc. from bottom of a well.

Nos, Look on the flats of the square part of the ends, to see what kind of steel your rod is.

Let your imagination be your guide as to what make with your material.

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Wow! I can't wait to use this stuff!:cool:
Thank you everyone for the input!
A special thanks to Tald the dead and LarryM for the charts.
I'll have to make my cousin a special gift for giving me all this steel... I suppose I could make him a "Sucker Sword" :rolleyes: lol
I'm thinking of making some sort of tripod "lowering" device for turkey frying for Thanksgiving. We usually fry about 6-7 turkeys and about 4 chickens for friends and family at Thanksgiving. My arm sure gets tired quickly from slowly lowering each bird into the oil (lowering slowly prevents any overflow or splatter). Last year I used the "boom" lift I had on the bed of my work truck (you might be a redneck if... ;) )and it worked pretty well. I'll post pic's of some of the things I make.
Thanks again everyone

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Now I feel real bad! I turned down a mile and a half of three rail horse corral made of sucker rod two years ago and didn't bother to alert any of the smiths I knew. It all went to the salvage yard. What a waste that was, it all went to a rebar manufacture. I ought to be taken out and shot for that lapse of judgement.

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They also make very good cone mandrels for making bells ,candle holders,ect.   Forge the threaded end to fit in a hardy hole cut the rod around three inches past the square piece .the use the taper from the round rod to the square as your mandrel. Different size rods make different sized mandrels. I use a piece of grader blade with a square hole as they hardy. For me it is way easier for me to drive the pipe straight down to bell the end of pipe on this mandrel then any other way i have tried. 

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